To present debatable opinions, values and interdisciplinary view points that make science leap forward we present our list of biotech, medicine, health, and intellectual property articles:


To make your own filaments for cheaper 3D printing: Invention of Lyman Filament Extruder II

ADI collaborates to develop a hand-held device to use during disease outbreaks

Intellectual Property

Is it time to revamp intellectual property world rights and how they are implemented?

Biodiversity and Intellectual Property


Pain killers may decrease the effect of anti-depressant drugs says nobel prize winner Dr Paul Greengard

Yoga can reduce blood pressure but know your body’s injury potential


Swimming in the Ocean may be healthier than your swimming pool

Pumpkin is mildly diuretic – so eat in moderation

Ginger – 5 reasons why you should include it in your daily diet

Why should you choose a traditional pecan pie, free of corn syrup, this Thanksgiving?

Fatty food makes new cells, and keeps us healthy

War on obesity and diabetes by reducing intake of drinks with sugar to 16oz in New York City

Are we less healthy than our parents and grandparents – both mentally and physically?

High Fructose corn syrup – why would anyone educated still consume it?

Why you should add beet in your diet?

Aloe: sunburn relief and more

Pthalate exposure linked to obesity and eczema in children in new studies

Science writers and blogs:

Matthew Harper
A veteran biopharma journalist; covers science and medicine; believes that this will be biology’s century.
The Medicine Show – His blog is essential reading
Currently (2013), Senior Editor, Forbes Magazine
Twitter: The latest from Matthew Herper (@matthewherper). – Matthew Harper
Our suggestions:
For 23andMe, The Real Value Could Be In Its Data– PHARMA & HEALTHCARE | 6/13/2013
The Human Microbiome Gets A Big Pharma Investment– PHARMA & HEALTHCARE | 6/05/2013
Gardasil: The Kids We Don’t Think About – 4/11/2012

Joseph E. Stiglitz
Exclusive commentator for The New York Times
How Intellectual Property Reinforces Inequality discusses the Supreme Court’s verdict on the genetic patent for breast cancer.

The CIMIT blog is about collaborative healthcare. Founded in 1998, CIMIT is non-profit consortium of Boston’s leading teaching hospitals and universities with strategic international affiliations and government partnerships. The mission of CIMIT is to accelerate the healthcare innovation cycle by facilitating collaboration among experts through the development and implementation of novel solutions to improve patient care.
Our suggestions:
Tissue Engineering: Growing new organs, and more!– MIT News Office – 07 January 2013
Medical Devices Powered by the Ear Itself — MIT News Office – 12 November 2012
New Device Could Allow Your Heartbeat to Power Pacemaker (from ScienceDaily, November 4, 2012) – 06/11/2012

Rebecca Boyle
The Drama over Project ENCODE, and Why Big Science And Small Science Are Different
A wonderful summary about the controversy on the 30 papers published on “Junk DNA is functional” by the ENCODE group. Grauer, a tenured professor of molecular evolutionary bioinformatics at the University of Houston, who describes himself as the “old card”, wrote a scathing criticism of the “functional” claims of this group of “computer jocks” and goes on to say that Big Science like the Human Genome Project should publish data while small science does the analysis. Other evolutionary biologists have criticized ENCODE’s hype but praised it’s value to science.

Brandon Keim
A freelance journalist specializing in science, environment and culture; Perpetually amazed at the ability of nature to thrive in unexpected places.
Writes in The Wired Magazine, a science, business, design, gear, entertainment site.
Twitter: The latest from Brandon Keim (@9brandon)
Our Suggestions:
James Watson Suspended From Lab, but Not For Being a Sexist Hater of Fat People – 10.19.07
Disease Outbreak Threatens the Future of Good Coffee – 06.11.13
Moving Beyond Rip-Mix-n-Burn Genetic Engineering – 1/08/06

Peter Lipson, MD
Writes on the intersection of science, medicine and culture
White Coat Underground – His blog is interdisciplinary; Science – Based Medicine; “Primum non nocere (First, do no harm)”. — Attributed to Hippocrates of Kos.
Contributor to Forbes
Our suggestions:
A Film Producer, A Cancer Doctor, And Their Critics – May 2013
Gluten-Free Diets: Miracle Or Hype? – May 2013

Preetam Kaushik
Writes freelance about Business, Technology, Politics, Fashion and Entertainment
Contributor to Huffington Post Blog: The Healthy Living
Twitter: The latest from Preetam Kaushik (@KaushikPreetam)
Our Suggestions:
America and the War on Obesity – 06/14/2013
Mental Health Problems in America: Reforms and Recovery Options – 05/29/2013

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