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Studies linking Autism to obesity during pregnancy: limited to mothers with autoimmune diseases?

Since Dr. Paula Krakowiak, of University of California, Davis, published an article on a significant link between an obese pregnant mother and an Autistic child, the media is running with this information. However, what the media should also add is that no single factor alone appears to be linked to Autism but a combination of factors such as an older father or mother, new gene mutations , or diabetes which were not present in the grand parents but appear in the parents, accounting for about 70% of Autism Spectrum Disorder cases and of course, the vaccine connection debate, in addition to the Somali cases of Autism in Minnesotta (Vit D rather than obesity perhaps?) are various other factors which together or in combination with unknown environmental factors like herbicides perhaps cause Autism.

A pregnant mother preparing for her baby

Autoimmune disease and Autism: It might be timely to add that Dr Thayne Sweeten and colleagues have found that families with other Autoimmune diseases have higher cases of Autism. They strongly suggest that immune and autoimmune factors might play a role in causing Autism in a child.

Where the obese pregnant mothers diabetic: Now, you might ask: Did the pregnant obese mothers who produced an Autistic child have an autoimmune disease? The answer may very well be yes! If so, you may ask if that disease was Diabetes, becauses it causes a person to be obese. The answer may very well be yes! May be another autoimmune disease too like Rheumatoid Arthritis perhaps.

The reason I request you to ask this question about an autoimmune disease in the pregnant obese mother is because just today Stanford University researchers led by Dr Edgar Engelmann have announced in Nature Medicine that Type 2 – Diabetes is being redefined an autoimmune disease.

Naturally, this changes the direction of Diabetes research to what factor trigger the autoimmune reaction in patients to cause Type 2 – Diabetes. Also, are these the same factors that cause an Autistic child to be produced from an obese pregnant mother?

Thank  you, blogger kristashealthylife for alerting us to the article linking obesity during pregnancy to Autism. It is why I wrote this article.


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Multiple Sclerosis cured by hook worms?

In 2007, researchers Dr Correale and Dr Farez, in Argentina discovered that their Multiple Sclerosis patients with a hook worm infection appeared to fare better than those without a worm infection.

Variety of Hookworms

The Intestinal Hookworm

Early clinical trials in MS patients are showing reduction in size of brain lesions. This may not be a cure, but even a low rate of lesion reduction is a promising therapy. What is more important is that this is a natural therapy which shows why people in developing countries may be developing Multiple Sclerosis. There are some clinical trialsunderway, which are trying to see how best to deliver a ‘doze’ of worms or their eggs to get the best results. Brain lesions are being tracked before, during and after a treatment with worms. The initial patterns shown on MRIs is encouraging and studies are in progress.

How does the hook worm act on MS patients? Researchers believe that in MS the immune system has an excessive response to it’s own brain tissue; the presence of the worm’s anti-inflammatory system lessons this response. In doing so, the brain lesions lessen. In other words, the worms suppress the patient’s overactive immune system. The worms need to do this to settle inside the human gut. It is possible that as humans evolved along with nature, our gut system and our immune system evolved to adjust to a constant presence of other gut worms and germs. The developed world’s decision to clean our gut of worms and germs may have been too harsh. Definitely, in MS the presence of worms in the gut makes it far more pleasant for the brain.

Follow your gut: Earlier, it was believed that MS was a caucasian disease when Asian countries reported no MS. Then, in the recent decades, Asians settling in developing countries were developing MS, leading researchers to conclude that MS is a disease of a developed country lifestyle. This, is further proof that the Argentina researchers discovered how the underdeveloped life style may be protective for our human brain.

Respect the hookworm. ‘Follow your gut’ has new meaning.

How to thank the scientists? Dr Correale and Dr Ferez’s original article showing the immune connection between hookworms and MS in 2007 has been cited 91 times. Now, if you want to encourage science of this caliber and in this field, shower these two scientists with your letters and emails. Let them know how much you appreciate them. Read their original article published in 2007. You may encourage them further by emailing them

E-mail: jcorreale@fleni.org.ar

The same scientists have published a 2011 paper showing that patients infected with worms showed significantly less relapses and include updated information. You may want to read their original article published in 2011.


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