Pumpkin is mildly diuretic – so eat in moderation

Of the pumpkin’s 131 volatile compounds what is striking is variety and magnitude of the nine carbon compounds say the scientists of General Food Corporation of New York. Pumpkins (Cucurbita pepo ) of the family Cucurbitaceae includes Pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers and melons. They were probably a diet member of ancient American Indians and originated in the Americas.

A delicious Pumpkin Pie – An American Tradition

Pumpkins and their seeds have several health benefits. Notably they are zinc rich and the seeds are iron rich and B vitamin and trace minerals and aminoacids (cucurbitin) and chlorophyll pigments. The principle medicinal properties of the pumpkin plant are in the seeds, says Dr. Armando Gonzalez Stuart, in “Pumpkin seeds“.  The article discusses clinical studies employing pumpkin seeds, history, active principles and applications in herbals therapy. You may also read, “The nutritive, medicinal, and diuretic properties of pumpkin flour“.

So, should you eat these in large quantities?

The answer is eat pumpkins but since each body is individually different judge how much pumpkin you can eat and feel healthy. It is a mild diuretic! Diuretics play the role of removing water from your body in the form of urine. You will lose important minerals from kidneys and it may result in mineral imbalance. Definitely include pumpkin and pumpkin seeds in your diet but in moderation.

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake with Pumpkin Icing

Pumpkin Art at the New York Botanical Garden

Then, watch out for the following diuretic symptoms:

1) Advantages of diuretics – less bloated feeling and often prescribed to protect heart patients in tablet formulations;

2) Natural diuretics aid body in flushing toxins and breaking down fat – so general feeling of health;

Pumpkins Good for Balanced Diet and Health

3) Headaches, dizziness and fainting – from mineral imbalance from eating too much or more than an individual body can handle which is different for different people and genetically defined;

Too much Pumpkin?

4) Muscle cramps

Also, pumpkin may react with herbal and other medicine you may be concurrently taking.

Please, don’t get me wrong. Pumpkin is among the healthiest food items you can include in your diet. However, watch out for symptoms like increased knee pain or stomach cramps after a diet overloaded in pumpkin, such as an entire pumpkin pie versus a single slice or two perhaps.

The Pumpkin Puppet Theater at the New York Botanical Garden

For more fabulous pumpkin photos click here

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7 responses to “Pumpkin is mildly diuretic – so eat in moderation

  1. Nice article, I’ll definitely keep checking this site. As requested, here’s the recipe! http://prettybirdsroost.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/ginger-pumpkin-strudel

  2. Had never given pumpkin so much thought. Great article!

  3. I liked your blog and will consider adding pumpkin to my diet. I so worry about the sugar content since I am weight conscious.

  4. Melody Balthaser

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m love all things natural and want to stay up on your posts. Will follow!

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  6. newfit40

    Nice article! I love pumpkin recipes. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Look forward to reading more of your blogs.

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