1. TED ideas worth spreading

Creativity. To innovate our way into the future. Stories that inspire, teach and receive standing ovations

11 sample TED talks, TED speakers, TED conferences, About TED, TED Blog, TED initiatives


The Future Now. It reviews the following Science topics for the public, who may or may not be scientists:

Global warming, medicine, physics, bacteria, How it Works, biology, food, robots, NASA, new technology, evolution, nanotech
You may also enjoy the “Popular Science” magazine.

3. Observer Tech Monthly
Brings together news and technology from the world of science and technology and media to medicine.

Special notice to:
Craig Venter: ‘This isn’t a fantasy look at the future. We are doing the future’. By Zoe Cörbyn, The Observer, October 13, 2013.  Here, the synthetic biologist shares his vision of an appliance that would help future colonists located in remote space access to vaccines, vaccines and personalized drugs.

Why millions love Elise Andrew’s science page. By Tim Teeman, The Observer, October 2013. Here, 24 year old science writer Andrew discusses her Facebook science page, I fucking love science, with 15,000 followers a day.

4. The Upturned Microscope  – Featured in Freshly Pressed

Musings of a Biologian

By the author of LAZARUS, published in 2012. “A super fast engrossing thriller..” Review by

Articles include Comics, Humor, Fiction and a list of published by author elsewhere.

5. The Bryonic Man – Featured in Freshly Pressed

We can rebuild him We have the technology Drier Hilariouser More satirical than before

A humorous look at life in general by a professional stand-up comic, and actor and a guaranteed laugh.

6. Dreaming The Future: Innovation For a Better World

By Paul Kennedy, science writer, biotechnologist, innovator.  Writes about discoveries in science, medicine, agriculture, sustainability, conscious living and happiness.

Special notice to: “The Genetic Consequence of Happiness

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