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Vit D may prevent Multiple sclerosis and reverse the disease indefinitely in mice

Vitamin D based treatments to standard Multiple Sclerosis drugs were compared by a team led by biochemistry researcher Dr. Colleen Hayes, of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

What did the team discover in mice?

Mice that exhibit MS, were given a single dose of Calcitrol, which is one type of Vit D supplement, followed by dietary Vit D supplements. All the mice got progressively better and regained more neurological function each day. To read the published original article click here.

This work was published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology, August issue of 2013, online.

Hayes believes that the calcitriol may cause the autoimmune cells attacking the nerve cells’ myelin coating to die, while the vitamin D prevents new autoimmune cells from taking their place

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Dr Hayes has devoted her career to the study of multiple sclerosis and especially the role of Vitamin D. Current FDA approved MS treatments only work for some MS patients. Her team plans to continue questioning the relevance of Vitamin D in multiple sclerosis diagnosis and treatment.

Clearly, Calcitrol plus Vit D, was more effective than methylprednisonole, has potential for reversing inflammatory demyelinating disease safely and cost effective in mice.  If someone you know is suffering from MS, you might advise them to discuss Dr Hayes’ team’s recent publication with their Physician.  Should they wait until clinical trials are conducted in humans to get exposure to more sunlight and dietary sources of Vit D?

Prior Studies on correlation of Levels of Vit D and MS
Previously some studies have linked low levels of Vitamin D with higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Inheriting genetic risk factors for multiple sclerosis (MS) is not sufficient to cause this
demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS); exposure to environmental risk factors is also required. MS may be preventable if these unidentified environmental factors can be avoided. MS prevalence increases with decreasing solar radiation, suggesting that sunlight may be protective in MS.

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What should we do to prevent Multiple Sclerosis?
The research by Dr Hayes team clearly indicates that a person with multiple sclerosis currently should immediately discuss this published finding on the role of Calcitrol and Vit D in multiple sclerosis therapy.  What if you are related to someone with multiple sclerosis?

Eat more Vit D rich food and supplements
Expose to daily exposure of sunlight
If one day is cloudy, make up for it another sunny day
Winter months with less sunlight exposure must be supplemented with seasonal days with more sunlight exposure

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Broccoli and Osteoarthritis

The most common type of arthritis is Osteoarthritis (OA). The second most common type is Rheumatoid Arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis has drugs that may ease the pain and slow progression of the disease but it cannot be prevented. Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, can be prevented but currently, there are no drugs to treat this condition. Both effect more women than men. Generally, it is common in more older women than older men, but this difference tapers of with increasing age.

Broccoli Florets

Dr. David Felson, MD MPH of Boston University has published 140 papers on this subject. His research on Osteoarthritis has been funded with National Institute of Health (NIH) peer – reviewed funding. He is optimistic that Osteoarthritis is preventable with long – term life – style changes. Unfortunately, there are no drugs to treat Osteoarthritis right now.  Pain killers are prescribed to deal with the pain but they have their own side reactions.

Dr Felson says that losing weight is one way to prevent OA. Even if you are of normal weight, losing a little more weight to become thin can actually benefit, and is especially good for the knees. Eating Vit K rich and Vit C rich food and raising exposure to Vit D can also be preventive. One such food suggested is Broccoli. Exercise such as joining the gym and doing yoga is very helpful in both losing weight and keeping the joints in motion. Physical therapists may be able to advice on very effective exercises to not only prevent development of OA but to alleviate the pain from OA without using pain killers.

For easy Broccoli recipes try easy and healthy Paula Dean’s site. Also, you may try this delicious steamed broccoli with a hint of garlic.

Research may reveal genetic biomarkers to identify which segment of the population is most likely to develop OA and then they could begin preventive processes earlier specifically for prevention of OA. In the meantime, exercise for fun and prevention, lose weight, eat Vit K rich foods like Broccoli and increase exposure to Vit D by taking every opportunity to step outside and stretch.

Since there is no current therapy, surgery is the only resource but effective. Stem cell research is showing promise in building cartilage.

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