This site is a winner! The winning article is:
Tracking the seasonal flu, The History of the Flu Vaccine and The Flu Vaccine of 2011
Our goal is to update the articles on the flu season on this site annually with the latest flu vaccine information.

PURSUE NATURAL has been nominated for the following awards. It is an honor to be nominated and we hope to continue to provide natural, biologically sound and healthy solutions to living well.

1. Versatile Blogger award. Nominated by blogger 1stjoyena on April 28, 2012. Versatile Blogger award was truly an enjoyable experience. It was especially kind of the Versatile Blogger Award site to reblog Pursue Natural’s important post on the history of the flu virus. The post was written in memory of Prof. Kilbourne, who was one of the early primary researchers for the flu vaccine. He had devoted his life to the flu vaccine research and development. Until his health failed, he wrote an annual report on the status of the flu vaccine for the CDC (USA). Reblogging this particular article honors his work and that of the many researchers who continue to understand the flu virus. You may click here to read the reblogged article. It may help you decide if you need the flu vaccine this year.

2. Very – Inspirational Blogger Award. Nominated by Blogger “Appetite for life” on July 24, 2012. Thank you, so much Cecile. Your blog is full of fabulous recipes that make us smile.

Versatile Blogger Award

Very Inspirational Blogger

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