Pursue natural is dedicated to natural & scientific health through harmony with nature.

I have a PhD and Postdoctoral in Cell Biology (Ohio, New York), Postdoctoral on Flu virus (New York) and Biotech work experience (Personalized Human Genetics, Drugs and Disease).

I will write here about updated information on the flu virus, current strains included in flu vaccines and egg-free vaccine. This is of much interest since the return of the 1918 pandemic H1N1 flu virus in 2009. The number of children I know with egg allergy has spiked.

This is what the flu virus looks like

Since, my oldest friend developed kidney disease, I am following kidney, EPO, anemia and diet.

One of my interests is in the “new” diseases of children which have spiked unusually in the last few decades. Many of my highly educated friends have children with severe birth defects, with no such cases seen in their families, in previous generations. This pattern of birth defect does not follow the laws of genetics that all natural life follow. My dedicated family pediatrician, who died after serving children with devotion for sixty years, says that he has never ever seen a disease called “Autism” in a developing country, but his own grandson born in the industrialized, developed country has “Autism”, a disease diagnosed today in 1 in every 150 children. He died unable to cure his own grandson.  This experienced, intelligent doctor had the look of utter hopelessness on his face. To him, I promise to keep searching for an answer – it lies in the ways of the modern world.  I am certain there is a way to balance the power of modern technology with the beauty of our natural world.

This site follows the latest, thorough scientific research on readily available herbs, spices and food products to learn if there have been any peer-reviewed, published scientific testing of the claims made. Delicious recipes by other wordpress authors are linked to here. I am not a cook, so your recipes are welcome. It also follows patents on the products, when available. Follow us on twitter by clicking here, and be updated instantly!

The Fungus that keeps giving and giving

If you are an authority on any of the topics covered, I encourage you to leave us information in our comment section under the topic of your expertise, to share with all our readers, especially if you are a scientist, patent owner, or a nutritionist with a healthy recipe or a lifestyle guru. If there is anything about which you desire more information, don’t hesitate to ask. I would be so delighted that I can share information with you. I will list requests from readers and will add them to the growing list.

Thank you, for helping me complete the research on this list.

Fruits Vegetables Spices and more:
1) Banana
2) Ginger
3) Okra
4) Avocado
5) Jalapeno

Eat this medicinal spice regularly

6) Natural sweeteners like: Agave juice, Stevia, dates, beets
7) Green Beans
8) Eggplant
9) Cabbage
10) Cauliflower
11) Leek
12) Beets
13) Potato
14) Onion
15) Yam
16) Carrot
17) Zucchini

Common Medicinal Plants
1) Periwinkle
2) Ipecac

Reader suggestions
1) Saffron

2) Nettle

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  1. Its a great blog and I love that these herbs and spices provide us with natural remedies for common complaints. One of my favorites is saffron which is used a lot in persian cooking. I dont know if there is any scientific evidence of it’s benefits but there is a massive amount of folklore to support it. I will definately keep checking in on this blog. Good job! 🙂 j

    • Thank you so much for your request on Saffron. As you requested, I have just completed my research and uploaded a summary of current reviews on scientific evidence to support the folklore about the medicinal benefits of Saffron. Let me know what you want additional information. I will continue to add to it as I come across more information.

  2. Thanks so much for visiting my site, and for sharing yours. Looking at your list, you should look into nettles – a superfood and wonderful herbal medicine, easy to grow in temperate climates, in fact (due to its stinging nature) most people think it’s a nuisance. But with correct handling, oh, it’s delicious and soooo good. 🙂


  3. I’d love to know about nutmeg (I believe it has some anti-inflammatory properties? Or is it just hallucinogenic? ;)) and I am always interested in learning more about grains and pseudograins like quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, etc.

    • @Lauren Zietsman: I shall definitely research and write on nutmeg shortly. Also, I hear such good things about quinoa with it’s high iron levels. So, thank you for your suggestions and will look into grains and pseudograins in one article. I am quite concerned about diets which discourage carbohydrates, which is an essential building block of our cells.

  4. Great Blog! Very informative! I’d love to feature a follow up guest post from you in the future on the topic of autism on my site. I think it would be great to further inform readers.

    • Thank you, for your kind complement. How thoughtful of you to invite me on your site. I would be honored. Also please, do leave links to relevant articles from your site in the about page or a particular article. I shall be glad to include it within the contents of that article with an edit. The readers would appreciate it.

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    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind

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  9. rosemcom

    Just wanted to thank you for liking my post “Free Range Fast Food” in my “Delightful Local Repast” blog. Really like your blog…so much information and food for thought! Cheers, Rose

  10. Thank you for visiting male/female.

  11. Thank you for liking the “Goodbye Dear Yorick” post on our The Two Bruces blog. We hope you come back often. We have looked at your blog and intend to read it frequently. Keep up the good work

    Bruce and Bruce

  12. Thank you for liking my post “In His Sight”, I am always surprised and honored when I see that little star. Your website is impressive! I hope to see you again and wish God’s Blessings on you PN! Thanks again :).

  13. Love your natural approach! Very inspiring! I have awarded you with a very inspiring blogger award – have a read – keep it up!


  14. This site is amazing and much needed. Like Autism, there are so many diseases that inflict out children. My 23 year old was born with a condition, amniotic or (congential) bands. As a result, she was born with no toes on her left foot , missing 2 1/2 fingers on one hand and a band on her right ankle. My pregnancy was “normal.”. No medication, illnesses, or weight gain. I ate well… fresh fruits and veges.. little junk food and no complications or family history. Thankfully she has grown up to be a beautiful and confident young lady. We are blessed, others are not so lucky. I am convinced that environmental factors and/or chemicals in our foods contributed to her condition.
    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog.

    • Children like your son are the inspiration and the strength, the wind and support behind this site. Whenever, we wonder if we will “see the light” we hear from a parent like you and begin to refocus our creative energy “towards the light”.

      Perhaps, you might be able to help us towards our goal. How could we encourage parents like you to post a page telling us the story about their child? Just like you said your pregnancy was “normal” with no medication, we want to hear details like that, background stories, and lifestyle stories and more. We want to create charts coordinating with all families to see if any common factors spring up. If severall parents suddenly say “that factor is common with us” then, we can have better avenues to focus upon. What would you suggest?

      • Thank you! Oh yes, there IS “light!” My daughter is beautiful, healthy and self-sufficient! Although 23 years have past, I still want to know more about the condition and the possible causes. I firmly believe that to connect the dots and to learn more about various illnesses or conditions you must encourage parents to share stories. Creating charts and coordinating background stories is a great start; there has to be be similarities. I was very disappointed with my physicians in their lack of interest to further explore the causes of the condition. Have you considered adding a “share your story” page? Perhaps including a page with a form requesting detailed information that will enable you to easily extract the data (factors) that you want to track. There are many ways to go about doing this.

      • Lexa,
        You have made an excellent suggestion to consider adding a “share your story” page, which might include a page with a form which will enable researchers to easily extract factors that are easy to difficult to track.
        Question is what would be the simplest and cheapest way to go about doing this?
        Also, how do we make this a “community” research issue so that the parents writing the stories can act as “researchers” too?
        Many of the parents might be very well-trained physicians, scientists, computer engineers and more. How do we get everyone involved in a joint project? This way instead of requesting money, what we request is input and solutions.
        We did contact a major city’s Public Health Service. They have collected data on more than 20,000 families divided by school district. None of that data is divided by columns of lifestyle choices which might give important information. Also, they lack funds to analyze the data, which because it lacks information on lifestyle choices, may not be useful anyway. Genetics analyses is not the only answer. The same genes existed for centuries. Only in the last few decades are these genes being triggered by an “unknown” factor to harm the fetus.
        Would you suggest this page be created on wordpress or another site?

  15. Always fascinated by orthomolecular medicine and other protocols re nutrition enhancement chemical/electrical processes brain for mental health issues vs pill therapy.

  16. jameseanderson499

    Thank You, for liking my post.

    your blog seems very interesting at first glance, i am going to explore.

    thanks again


  17. I love all your topics! I have been writing a bit on malaria and bacteria myself. We are currently studying fungi and I saw your gravatar profile thinking someone must have confused such with a pretty Egyptian-like rendition of a flower! It is a very pretty mold.

  18. Hello. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You might also be interested in History Undusted, another blog of mine.
    Your topics are interesting! I’m not an expert in the medical field, but as a writer I’m interested in just about everything. My mother has been in medicine her entire career, and time and again has seen the link between nutrition and health; we were raised to eat healthily, for which I’m grateful.
    Speaking of which, have you ever looked into the topic of coconut oil? There is a fascinating book by Dr. Mary Newport, called “Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Were a Cure?” on that subject.

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