To laugh heartily is to live longer by living happily.  Laugh loud and laugh often.
Laugh a Lot

Four Major Results of Laughing
Our immune system responds to laughter in a positive way; depressed people do not laugh unlike happy people. The ability to laugh makes our immune system stronger, in a manner that still baffles all scientists. The results of laughing are an increase in natural killer cells and antibodies. This results in fewer illnesses when a person laughs each day. Increased stress is associated with decreased immune system response (WebMD; The American Scholar). For an in depth discussion you might enjoy reading “Laughter and Health: The Truth Behind the Sites” by Erin Hamer of Vanderbuilt University, which cites that laughter releases endorphins, which are chemicals in the brain that are natural pain killers – they leave a general sense of well-being when released. Muscles relax more quickly after watching funny cartoons than beautiful scenery.
1) Laughter reduces the effect of stress in the body.
2) Pain is reduced through laughter
3) A few laughs a day reduces the frequency and severity of illnesses
4) Laughter relaxes the muscles and tones facial muscles. Laughter is akin to meditation, in that relaxation is an outcome.

Sites that make us chuckle
The goal is to list sites that are meant to make us chuckle and hopefully laugh. None of them are by Pursue Natural, but by authors far more talented. The ability to make another person laugh is a talent bordering on pure genius. …..(Read more on 2.The List of Cartoonists on General Laughter)

Also, Pursue Natural is looking for what makes a scientist laugh. Do stop by with your suggestions in comments.

Here are a few of Pursue Natural’s finds from the virtual world. Laugh with us. We wish you a happy life!

List of Funny Articles for the Scientist
….(Read more on 3. The List of Funny Articles for the Scientist by the Scientist).

Comments and Any Questions

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