Pain killers may decrease the effect of anti-depressant drugs says nobel prize winner Dr Paul Greengard

Even a single advil or aspirin a week or month might interfere with the remission effect of an anti-depressant drug says Dr Paul Greengard, of Rockefeller University in 2011 as reported by science in “Anti-inflammatory drugs reduce effectiveness of SSRI anti-depressant drugs“.p_33931_thumb

Dr Paul Greengard was interviewed in “A conversation with Nobel Laureate Paul Greengard” by His laboratory works on unraveling the signalling process of the brain, but in particular the serotonin receptor and the P11 interaction. They are working on a clinical study using mRNA of P11 as therapy.

On September 26, 2006, a  New York Times article interviews Dr. Paul Greengard about the work in his laboratory in the 1970s which led to the discovery of the anti-depressant Prozac. It also discusses the discovery of a new brain protein, P11, in his laboratory. It is the first brain protein whose levels correlate with a neurological disorder. This protein has been jokingly called the “lesbian gene” because when it is administered to two female mice constantly fighting with each other, it transforms them into two mice that love each other. Perhaps, a similar brain protein will be discovered and turn men at war into men who love each other.

He won a Nobel Prize in 2000 and donated his prize money to recognize the contribution of women scientists in the memory of his mother who died giving birth to him.  Dr Greengard says that since he won the potato sack race in his elementary school, the Nobel Prize in 200o gave him that much pleasure.

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