The art of discovering how things work is science. We present below the potentially groundbreaking scientific discoveries when they relate to life and how to live well, and will continue to update the art of science, revealing answers the human mind is only beginning to grasp as it explores the frontiers.

Scientists create detailed 3-D model of human brain – and published in the journal Science, on 21 June 2013: “BigBrain: An Ultrahigh-Resolution 3D Human Brain Model“. This provides a free, publicly available tool to study in neuroanatomical precision a human brain, specifically a 65 year old female, living in Europe who donated her brain for research upon her death in 2008. It may redefine traditional two-dimensional neuroanatomical maps from 1900s to 1988.

An American synthetic biology scientist is creating artificial cells that can mimic and “talk to” biological cells. In this TED talk synthetic biologist Sheref Mansy builds artificial cells at the University of Trento, and you may follow the interview by clicking here. Nobody knows the boundary between living and non-living. What does it mean for something to be alive?

The First Phenome Center opens in UK in 2013 to research interactions between genes and environment

The 2013 winners announced for the Breakthrough Prize in Lifesciences

New York scientists Invent a novel way to remotely switch on an engineered gene to produce insulin.

Pain killers may decrease the effect of anti-depressant drugs says nobel prize winner Dr Paul Greengard

Creation of an artificial muscle that responds to artificial protein by UC Santa Barbara scientists

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