Humor – General Laughter

Part 2 of series: Humor (1Four Major Results of Laughing); (3.For the Scientist, by the Scientist)
Sites that make us chuckle
Laugh a Lot
The goal is to list sites that are meant to make us chuckle and hopefully laugh. None of them are by Pursue Natural, but by authors far more talented. The ability to make another person laugh is a talent bordering on pure genius. The person or team that can make a person laugh, relax, be pain-free, distracted from worries, and recover faster from illnesses is certainly priceless, and must be encouraged to practise their “art” or perhaps their “art of healing”. Please add your suggestions in comments.

You might want to check out:
Barmy Rootstock’s “IBMP Cartoon Gallery – I’ve become my parents“;
Bo Lumpkin’s “Hank The Handy Man-Failure to Communicate” I’ve Been Thinkin’ blog Gatorhead Comic strip
Mary Sommerset’s “Laughing For the Heck of it” and “Letting Go for Fun“.
Fangirl’s “What was his mom thinking?” The Slylock Files cartoon clue game blog
Koredis’s “Random Sketch“, A classic comic of the Philippines cartoon stories
Nikolay Nikolav’s “Cartoonists go nuts on alcohol” Lord of the Drinks cartoon blog on funny side of alcohol in Bulgaria
Views Splash! writes on hottest topics and will publish an entire year of Diberts comic strips in 2013.
You really must check out “Our New Mascot” with animated cartoon figure Annie doing the blues dance.


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