Humor – For the Scientist by the Scientist

Biology is the only science in which multiplication means the same thing as division [ Molecular Biology Techniques Forum]

Part 3 of series: Humor (1.Four Major Results of Laughing); (2.General Laughter).
Pursue Natural is looking for what makes a scientist laugh. Do stop by with your suggestions in comments.

Here are a few of Pursue Natural’s finds from the virtual world. Laugh with us. We wish you a happy life!
Laugh a Lot

List of Funny Articles for the Scientist
Scientists are different and therefore funny by Dr Edwin D. Kilbourne.
Humor in Science by the 1976 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Dr. William N. Lipscomb and his page “Science Humor“.
Shirah Vollmer MD’s “New York Cartoon Entry” in the Musings of Dr. Vollmer cartoon blog based on real office experiences in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis
Erin Nolan’s “The Rise and Fall of Silly Inventions” in The Grey Skies cartoon photo blog by an engineer and inventor
Monday morning energy equation by Shannon Wheeler, in Phil Ebersole’s Blog on Weird Science: links and comments
A bunch of jokes for biologists by Molecular Biology Techniques Forum


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