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Why the same drug acts differently in two people: how your NAT2 genes dictate the drug’s action in your body

Two people are in pain. Both of you take the same drug; one of you feels in less pain faster than the other. How? Why? The answer, that your genes may be different is making the drug manufacturers wonder if they can take better care of your health by first requesting a genetic test. Could it be, that a drug might be personalized to work just for your genes? Sure, say most drug manufacturers. The advantage would be that there would be fewer bad reactions from two people taking the same drug with exactly similar prescriptions, but with one person showing side reactions, while the other is simply fine.

Personalized Medicine
Many factors control why you respond differently to the same drug from another person. One is the gene factor. Allow me to enlarge upon a single gene called NAT2. I choose this gene because it is my favorite gene. It explains so much so simply. When a drug company develops a drug through clinical trials it tries to judge dosage by weight and height and more complex formulae. None, however, take into account that the genes may have subtle differences, although the drug companies may have researched and stored this data. Today, a drug company sells one drug to all people. Soon the day is coming when the drug company will ask you, “How do you want your drug?” Well, not exactly that phrase. They will test your genes, figure out what your body can tolerate and then calculate a dose close to what you should be able to tolerate.

Here’s how one gene controls your body’s drug reaction
Genetic variability in the NAT2 gene has long been recognized to be the cause of differential ability to metabolize a variety of medicinal drugs. The NAT2 gene produces an enzyme mainly in the intestine and liver. It detoxifies through arylhydrazine compounds. NAT2 gene produces important enzymes that breakdown drugs for major diseases like tuberculosis. Some people have a variation of the NAT2 gene that may make them more susceptible to bladder cancer. Which means that if you have a different variation of the gene you may rest assured you may never get bladder cancer, no matter what you eat or which water you wade into.

International anthropologists have gathered vast amounts of genetic data from various world populations (click hereto read). It shows that if your ancestors were hunter – gatherers then, your NAT2 gene was different than if your ancestors were agricultural – pastoral.

The NAT2 gene will control your destiny.  Soon, perhaps, NAT2 gene will be a household word, discussed just like your high blood pressure or baldness in the family. Either you have the NAT2 gene that is a drug manufacturer’s dream, or can never have bladder cancer, or have to have a personalized drug manufactured for your ability to breakdown the drug for your disease. You will care to know more about this gene. NAT2 is already working inside you. Are you working for your own NAT2 or your neighbor’s NAT2 is the question?

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