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Lemons, Limes, and Oranges – Vitamin C and Prevention of cancer

The benefits of citrus fruits, Vitamin C and Citric Acid include prevention of cancer when included in a diet in combination with other minerals and vitamins.

Check out this colorful video about shopping for citrus fruits at Whole Foods, Columbus Circle location in New York City. However, this variety should be available in your local food market easily. Click on this Youtube video about a fresh fruit shopping experience at Whole Foods.

Vitamin C may prevent cancer. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute (Journal National Cancer Institute, 1993) have shown that Vitamin C in combination with beta-carotene, selenium, and Vitamin E could reduce the risk of cancer. However, it cannot treat cancer.  Scientists have shown that Vitamin C in high doses could not slow down the progress of colorectoral cancer (New England Journal of Medicine, 1985). Scientists have also shown that daily doses of Vitamin C did not benefit patients with advanced cancer (New England Journal of Medicine, 1979). It is so joyful to see the bountiful colorful citrus fruits piled up at the food market.

A Lemon Tree

Immunology and Respiratory scientists (at Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia; 2007) have brought to our attention the fact that a person allergic to peanuts may also be allergic to citrus because of a slightly similar protein.

A Bunch of Limes

The average person is very well aware of the benefits of fresh fruits, especially citrus fruits as in Mignonesia’s blog.

An Orange grove

A Colorful Display of Citrus Fruits at Whole Foods, NY

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