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Three patents by Reginald Henry Bradshaw: The Inventor of eye glasses, spectacles and tinted glasses

Rimless spectacles, eyeglasses, lorgnettes and monocles where first invented by Reginald Henry Bradshaw in 1919.
Three patents protected Bradshaw’s elegant inventions to improve human’s naturally failing eye sight. His thoughtful inventions forever changed the outlook of the aging person. Shouldn’t every school kid learn this name?

Patent one
Rimless spectacles and eyeglasses
United States Patent 1337818
Publication Date: 04/20/1920 (Issue Date)
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Patent Two
Improved method of obtaining graduated tinted glass
United Kingdom Patent GB356832
Date: June 18, 1930
….uniting clear and colored glass so as to produce a symmetrical filter or lens wherein the component is ground in such manner as to produce regular or irregular shading or tinting of the lenses in increasing or decreasing density from the centre of the lens to the periphery. Figs. 1, 7, 9 and 13 illustrate various components and the manner in which they may be ground.

Patent Three
Improvements in or relating to eye glasses, lorgnettes, monocles, spectacles and like
United Kingdom Patent GB463000
Date: Nov. 16, 1935
Each lens of spectacles or the single lens of a monocle, is mounted in a frame
……. which receives and encloses the entire circumferential edge of the lens, and means are provided for locking the lens in position in the frame in such a way that it can be readily unlocked and removed therefrom….¬†

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