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Our genes respond differently to our diets

How do our genes respond to our diet?

Researchers studied cholesterol genes in six generations of baboons and found that siblings may have totally different reactions to the same high-fat diet and identified 53 possible genes for regulating HDL, which is one of the traits associated with an increased risk of heart and blood vessel disease. These researchers are looking further into these pedigreed, baboon families on the same fatty diet but with different levels of HDL and LDL.

Baboon and human HDL genes, in particular, are very similar and on the same chromosome making such research very meaningful for Genetics researchers at the Southwest Center for Biomedical Research (Texas). The chief researcher, Dr. Laura Cox was inspired as a child to understand the basic biology of all living things. As a society, we owe Dr. Cox and her team, special thanks to the tremendous progress in medical research in the field of diet and heart disease. Her team has shown significant correlation between genes and circulating fat, glucose, body weight and diabetes related symptoms (Heredity, 2008).

If heart disease research is important to you, do send a note to your favorite scientists and encourage them.

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