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Vit D may prevent Multiple sclerosis and reverse the disease indefinitely in mice

Vitamin D based treatments to standard Multiple Sclerosis drugs were compared by a team led by biochemistry researcher Dr. Colleen Hayes, of the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

What did the team discover in mice?

Mice that exhibit MS, were given a single dose of Calcitrol, which is one type of Vit D supplement, followed by dietary Vit D supplements. All the mice got progressively better and regained more neurological function each day. To read the published original article click here.

This work was published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology, August issue of 2013, online.

Hayes believes that the calcitriol may cause the autoimmune cells attacking the nerve cells’ myelin coating to die, while the vitamin D prevents new autoimmune cells from taking their place

(Read more).

Dr Hayes has devoted her career to the study of multiple sclerosis and especially the role of Vitamin D. Current FDA approved MS treatments only work for some MS patients. Her team plans to continue questioning the relevance of Vitamin D in multiple sclerosis diagnosis and treatment.

Clearly, Calcitrol plus Vit D, was more effective than methylprednisonole, has potential for reversing inflammatory demyelinating disease safely and cost effective in mice.  If someone you know is suffering from MS, you might advise them to discuss Dr Hayes’ team’s recent publication with their Physician.  Should they wait until clinical trials are conducted in humans to get exposure to more sunlight and dietary sources of Vit D?

Prior Studies on correlation of Levels of Vit D and MS
Previously some studies have linked low levels of Vitamin D with higher risk of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Inheriting genetic risk factors for multiple sclerosis (MS) is not sufficient to cause this
demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS); exposure to environmental risk factors is also required. MS may be preventable if these unidentified environmental factors can be avoided. MS prevalence increases with decreasing solar radiation, suggesting that sunlight may be protective in MS.

(Read more).

What should we do to prevent Multiple Sclerosis?
The research by Dr Hayes team clearly indicates that a person with multiple sclerosis currently should immediately discuss this published finding on the role of Calcitrol and Vit D in multiple sclerosis therapy.  What if you are related to someone with multiple sclerosis?

Eat more Vit D rich food and supplements
Expose to daily exposure of sunlight
If one day is cloudy, make up for it another sunny day
Winter months with less sunlight exposure must be supplemented with seasonal days with more sunlight exposure

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Can oral sex cause throat cancer? Yes, and for more men than women

HPV, or the Human Papillomavirus, has been shown to be associated with cervical cancer, a STD fact. Actor Michael Douglas, recently announced that he was recovering from a type of throat cancer that may have been associated with HPV. Naturally, this site decided to to search for the scientific fact behind this statement and found the following upto date information of oral cancer from HPV. The Centers of Disease Control says that each year in the U.S., HPV is thought to cause an estimated
1,700 oropharyngeal cancers in women,* and
6,700 oropharyngeal cancers in men.*
*Note: Other factors, notably tobacco and alcohol use, may also play a role with HPV to cause these cancers. Oropharyngeal cancer means throat cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection within the mouth/ Eggans

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Infection within the mouth/ Eggans

Role of HPV.
Researchers have been trying for some time to find a definite association between throat cancer and HPV. There is a no doubt that carcinogens like cigarette smoking and tobacco increase the rates of throat cancer. Throat cancer can be deadly.The FDA has recently approved the HPV vaccine in males ages 9-26 years of age. This vaccine has already been approved for young females. Researchers claim that in men, this vaccine is only effective before the male has had sex and been exposed to HPV. Also, men are more susceptible to oral cancer than women and more likely to die from oral cancer than women. In addition, multiple partners or promiscuity is associated with oral cancer. However, although females may die from throat cancer, females are less likely to get oral cancer, while males who have sex with males are most vulnerable to oral cancer.

Oral Cancer
Each year, roughly 30,000 new cases are diagnosed and more than 8,000 people die from the disease. Studies suggest that 15% to 25% of oropharyngeal cancer cases are associated with HPV16, a particular type of HPV. Oral cancer forms in the oral cavity, which includes the lip, tongue, and hard palate; and the oral pharynx, which includes the soft palate, base of the tongue, and tonsils. Thus far, the HPV-related cancers are found in the tonsil area. Survival of oral cancer has not improved in 30 years. Decades may pass between HPV infection and oral cancer development.

In one scenario, a man can have one young wife dead from throat cancer; remarry and can have a second young wife dead from throat cancer. Both dying young. Would you say this man is the cause of both his wives dying from throat cancer? Did this man have something which caused the death of both his wives by the very same disease – throat cancer, while he showed no obvious external symptoms, and lived a long healthy life? It does say one thing: throat cancer can kill women. It kills swiftly. However, since this man or his wives did not provide any diseased human material to be tested, there is no way to know definitively what common factor existed in this family’s destruction from throat cancer. Knowing this (real case) scenario, would you allow someone you care for to have sex with this man? Would you ever lick the same icecream cone this one licked?

What should you do if you have knowledge or suspect someone you care for is having oral sex
As you can imagine, there is a search for a vaccine that might cure throat cancer, but it is still several years away. You might suggest typical safe sex advise such as: that scientists advise wearing condoms can prevent this disease. Then, you might make them aware of articles such as this one on this topic in particular. Below, are a few more articles which this site feels cover the subject of oral sex, oral cancer and HPV with gravity and scientific facts.

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Throat cancer: What, Why, Who and Everything you should know, before oral sex

Scientific articles supporting this discussion
1. An excellent article in 2003, by Jeanne Erdmann in the Oxford Journal of Cancer Research, which discusses in more detail the knowledge of throat cancer and the search for a preventive vaccine. It credits Stina Syrjänen, Ph.D., D.D.S., of the Turku-HPV group in Finland in 1983 for the first observations and connections between cervical cancer and oral cancer. It is interesting that a dentist may be the first line of diagnosis in this potentially deadly disease. Article #1

physicians are reporting an increase in the disease in patients with little or no history of smoking or drinking. Some of these cancers contain the human papillomavirus (HPV), most especially HPV16, a sexually transmitted member of the papillomavirus family linked to about half of all cases of cervical cancer…

the oral cancer field lags behind that of cervical cancer. Scientists still do not fully understand the natural history of the disease and the transmission routes of HPV and oral cancer. For example, HPV16 is found in pre-cancerous lesions in the cervix, but rarely in oral dysplasia, a precursor to oral cancer

2. Mayo clinic’s James M. Steckelberg, M.D., answers a query about “…does HPV infection increase cancer risk in men?” in this article #2. The short answer is yes, but the specific risks are different the doctor explains further about the high risk HPVs and advocates Gardasil for prevention.

3. An article by Adina Nack PhD on June 4, 2013 on “MICHAEL DOUGLAS’ CANCER CONFESSION: THE RISK OF HPV AND ORAL SEX”. The focus is on educating men about their cancer risk from HPV, and on removing the STD stigma so that men may seek a STD diagnosis and cure. Article #3.

4. An article by Centers of Disease Control on what is HPV.It discusses the signs and symptoms of diseases caused by HPV and other STD facts Article #4.

when the virus persists, or does not go away, HPV can cause normal cells to become abnormal and, most of the time you cannot see or feel these cell changes.
Warts can appear within months after getting HPV.
Cancer often takes years—even decades—to develop after a person gets HPV.

Approximately 79 million Americans are currently infected with HPV. About 14 million people become newly infected each year. HPV is so common that nearly all sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives.

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Cranberry Juice does not prevent recurrent Urinary Tract Infection in a clinical trial

Professor Betsy Foxman, Director, Center of Molecular and Clinical Epidemiology of infectious diseases at University of Michigan School of Public Health led a double-blind, placebo controlled trial on the effectiveness of Cranberry Juice in preventing urinary tract infectious. The research concluded that drinking 8 oz of 27% of Cranberry juic daily did not prevent a recurrence of UTI.  To read this article published in the 2011 you may click here.

This article definitely shows that people have to be careful in avoiding the sources of recurrent UTI. This study was done on college girls.  UTI patients might prevent a recurrence by avoiding unhygenic conditions that perhaps present the UTI causal agent.

Dr. Betsy Foxman

Dr. Betsy Foxman

Cranberry juice has health benefits touted through centuries. This study does show that it does not replace the need to follow hygenic practices in prevention. Modern science has been unable to explain the total health benefits of a natural food. Perhaps, a simultaneous question one could have added during the study is whether the general health of the college girl drinking Cranberry juice was better than the girls on placebo, given all other life style factors being equal. Perhaps, Cranberry prevents further downstream complications arising from a UTI. We look forward to the research on Cranberries. It benefits all to have a better scientific understanding of the natural world around us.

Cranberries are highly sought after. They are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. The benefits of a natural source of nutrients and antioxidants cannot be underestimated. They have developed an ability to grow under extremely challenging conditions in bogs. Natural Cranberry farmers take great efforts in maintain their Cranberry bogs in pristine condition. To read Russel Avery’s wonderful article on “How Cranberry Bogs Work” click here. It is a fascinating presentation on the farmer’s efforts to keep Cranberry crops strong. It makes one respect the juice we ingest so quickly.

Cranberries must be very hardy to thrive in a place as filthy as a bog. Darren McCollester/Getty Images from "HowStuffWorks" by Russel Avery

Cranberries must be very hardy to thrive in a place as filthy as a bog.
Darren McCollester/Getty Images from “HowStuffWorks” by Russel Avery

Cranberries ready to be made into Cranberry Juice

Cranberries ready to be made into Cranberry Juice

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Coenzyme-Q: Consider it but use caution – it may lower blood pressure

Are there any safety concerns? I would certainly say, yes!
1) If you always had low blood pressure and now have high blood pressure, monitor your blood pressure regularly. Coenzyme-Q might lower your blood pressure, perhaps below your previous normal. So, monitoring is highly advisable. You might want to read the paragraph under “Safety concerns” by clicking here for the Medline Plus list of safety concerns. Medline Plus is an advice site for the public by the National Institutes of Health, USA.
2) While it helps with preclampsia during certain pregnancies, this Medline site also strongly cautions against taking drugs without supervision during pregnancy. Several drugs considered quite safe have resulted in deformed babies. So, this cautionary advice is not to be taken lightly.

Is Coenzyme-Q beneficial? I would say, yes!
Most people prescribed statins can benefit from its regular use. It may have increased the lifespan of this generation by a healthier decade perhaps. However, a percentage of people have an adverse reaction to statins. Not all, simply a percentage. This may be particularly severe for a cohort and prompted the Pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, to recall its statin. This cohort may have had a genetic factor that predisposed them to a severe reaction to statins. Others had a favorable response. For those who have had a serioius adverse reaction to statins and need a statin alternative, Coenzyme-Q might be the answer, but again, under a physician’s supervision. You may click here to read where to access the full article by Texas medical scientists on “Treatment of statin adverse effects with supplemental Coenzyme Q10 and statin drug discontinuation”.You may email their chief scientist to encourage further research but also with questions you might have regarding replacing statins with Coenzyme-Q.
Email: Dr. Langsjoen
Briefly, his teams observations are summarized below:
-50 patients were evaluated for adverse statin effects (myalgia, fatigue, dyspnea, memory loss, and peripheral neuropathy)
-Began supplemental CoQ(10) at an average of 240 mg/day
– follow-up demonstrated a decrease in fatigue from 84% to 16%, myalgia from 64% to 6%, dyspnea from 58% to 12%, memory loss from 8% to 4% and peripheral neuropathy from 10% to 2%.

Want to learn more about Coenzyme-Q? The best site that I found for the public was the one by the New York University’s Langone Medical Center, which you might access by clicking here. I love the way it tells you the history of Coenzyme-Q and how it works and who benefits most from using it. For example, I enjoyed learning that the Japanese discovered it and use it regularly and are it’s primary manufacturers.

Who should take statins? I would strongly recommend reading this wonderfully detailed, well-balanced February 2012 article by Alice Parks in the Times magazine’s Health and family section by clicking here. It covers the FDA warnings and recent updates. It also clarifies hysteria versus rationale in “FDA Warns Statin Users of Memory Loss and Diabetes Risks”. Read more.

Does eating red beets help? Coenzyme-Q is manufactured by fermenting red beets. That makes a good case for introducing red beet regularly in your diet. Who knows how the body processes red beets internally and maybe eating more red beets may assist those who want to avoid medication.

Now, I have given you a wonderful set of well-researched articles to read and decide for yourself whether you should eat red beets, and add Coenzyme-Q to your vitamin shelf.

If you had a unique experience with Coenzyme-Q, do alert our readers, who are a special brand of people who are unafraid of a healthy dose of science in any explanation.

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A documentary about the stories after Gardasil vaccination

Think East Productions, creator brothers Ryan Richardson and David Richardson have business experience and have worked on Hewlett-Packard and Disney film projects. Now, they turn their attention to the vaccine Gardasil. Click here and here for more information on release dates. Below, the documentary film is described by the brothers themselves:

One More Girl is a documentary about the stories of anguish and travesty, futures destroyed, and families reduced to financial ruin by medical costs brought on by a vaccine, Gardasil. The vaccine is designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Pre-production is in process right now and we are raising funds so that we can begin production this summer with a tentative 2012 release date.

We are two brothers that were motivated to make this documentary when our sister had experienced several serious side-effects after her first injection of the Gardasil vaccine. Her adverse reaction demanded further investigation which led to the startling discovery that thousands of young girls were having serious reactions to the vaccine, including death. At last count, there have been 89 confirmed deaths as a result of Gardasil.

These girls’ reactions to the vaccine range from muscle pain, weakness, seizures, strokes, autoimmune problems, paralysis, tremors, heart issues, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, it is estimated that only 1-10% of vaccine related side-effects are reported.

Treating these girls is a challenge. Doctors don‘t know how to treat them and are reluctant to do so without establishing the cause of their symptoms.

Haunted by the tragic stories of thousands of girls injured by Gardasil, we began in-depth research to verify a correlation between the vaccine and the girls’ medical conditions. We wanted to know more about the HPV that causes cervical cancer, the vaccine created to prevent it, and Merck Pharmaceutical Company, which developed the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The Gardasil Girls’ stories are backdropped with research and data from global activists, attorneys, medical experts and journalists. Dr. Dianne M. Harper, the leading researcher that worked for 20 years developing the Gardasil vaccine states that, ”There is not enough evidence gathered on the side-effects to know that safety is not an issue” and “giving it to 11 year old girls is a great big public health experiment.” Dr. Harper speaks out even though her words could be detrimental to Merck. She claims, ”That she wants to be able to sleep with herself when she goes to bed at night.”

As filmmakers, we decided that the best way to bring this topic to the forefront was to make a documentary giving the “Gardasil Girls“ a voice. We intend to educate the public on HPV, hear from the experts about the medical history and marketing campaigns, and the impact of Gardasil on young girls’ lives.

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65th World Health Assembly in Geneva: Mental Health and Vaccinations Resolutions 2012

From May 21-26, 2012, the 65th World Health Assembly met in Geneva, Switzerland, to resolve how to improve world public health. They re-elected Dr. Margaret Chan for a second five year term as Director General of WHO, World Health Organization. Mental Health, vaccinations, maternal and child nutrition and financing for implementing resolutions and several other public health issues were discussed over plenary sessions. You may click here for details of sessions and resolutions. We shall update you here as the financing decisions of the resolutions are announced. Hopefully, we shall update you after the meeting in Rio coming up.

Re-election of Dr. Margaret Chan for second five year term as Director General of WHO

Professor Thérèse N’Dri-Yoman, President of the Sixty-fifth World Health Assembly, addresses the delegates at the plenary session.

Notes: Saturday, 26 May 2012

Financing research and development

The Health Assembly unanimously adopted the resolution on the Consultative Expert Working Group on Research and Development: Financing and Coordination in the form presented as draft by the drafting group and circulated yesterday.
To continue reading resolutions for each day from May 21-26, 2012, click here.

World Health Assembly forum 2012

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Recent Advances in Tourettes syndrome research – hope for 12 LeRoy girls?

A recent review in 2006 of current research knowledge on Tourette’s syndrome, in the Journal Trends in Neuroscience by Dr Albin and Dr Mink from University of Michigan and University of Rochester, respectively.

Salient features: It emphasizes that Tourettes is in more boys than girls (which makes it more significant and scientifically puzzling that it was 12 girls in LeRoy high school who have developed Tourettes like syndrome and around the same time after September 2011);
Basal ganglia models have made it easier to study this disease;
Genes have been found to be associated but none have been found in all Tourettes patients;
Treatment research is may hone in on D1 receptor antagonists.

Contact the authors and encourage them and let them know that you care about their work and their knowledge. They will truly appreciate it. You may support their work by fund raising for them. You may inspire them by inviting them to give talks on current status of world wide Tourettes research.

Rochester is not too far from LeRoy high school. It would be wise to have a scientific presentation in LeRoy by the author of this paper, who is based in Rochester.

Corresponding author is Jonathan Mink and his contact information:
Corresponding author: Mink, J.W. (

Addresses of both authors, if you prefer to shower them with snail mail and one dollar bills:

Roger L. Albin1 and Jonathan W. Mink2
Geriatrics Research, Education, and Clinical Center, Ann Arbor VAMC, Department of Neurology, University of Michigan, MI 48109,
Departments of Neurology, Ne\urobiology & Anatomy, and Pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry,
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 631, Rochester, NY 14642, USA

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12 LeRoy, NY high school girls with sudden, similar symptoms -Tackling the issue with scientific methodology

When twelve LeRoy high school students, all teenage girls aged around 17 years, suddenly presented with similar symptoms after September 2011, the medical community was baffled. It was a real diagnosis of an illness, and yet, did not appear to follow any of Koch’s rules of a cause or infection.

The girls are obviously still sick three months later and they are distraught, missing out on the best, albeit reasonably stressful, year of school life. Their parents simply want them cured.

The school community was concerned enough to call in the responsible authorities. The parents were informed the school is safe to attend. All was back to normal, except for the fact that the twelve girls are still sick and being told that “it is all in their heads”, “mass hysteria”, “get over it” and others have simply not taken them seriously. One Amherst Psychiatrist has labeled it the “consumption disease” or mass hysteria. A 2013 TV documentary follows the story of these school girls and one boy with similar symptoms:
The Town That Caught Tourettes? (10 PM, TLC):

How do you “catch” Tourettes? I guess we’ll find out:

In the fall of 2011, in a small town in upstate New York, a group of teenage girls from the same high school mysteriously developed symptoms resembling Tourette’s. This documentary follows the lives of the girls at the heart of the baffling outbreak.

It is time to take these girls seriously. Tomorrow, this could happen to another cluster of children or adults and we would still have no scientific system to deal with the results. A country that can send a man to walk on the moon can surely figure out what will trigger such a cluster phenomenon.

Consider the following and get your voice head to get answers now:
1) Tics, and sudden involuntary movements as seen in these girls is usually found in 4:1 ratio in boys, and not girls; why girls and why 12 girls here? Did the hormone estrogen play a role?
2) We know all the 12 girls did not know each other as friends. Did they share a common home product? A new tampon which can give toxic shock syndrome leading to an infection trigger.
3) The group of triggers – it is time to demand mass large scale studies of a group of triggers. It is scientifically not allowed to study a group of triggers in relationship to each other. Only single triggers can be studied, one at a time. In the case of these girls, all known plausible single triggers have been ruled out. Hence, the next obvious step is to study a group of triggers in various combinations. Any maths student can figure out the various combinations to study for Tourettes. For eg:
a: Gardasil and toxic shock syndrome
b: Gardasil and strep throat infection
c: Gardasil and >>>>>
d: A household cleaner and >>>>
e: A soccer field pesticide and an energy drink and >>>>
The community should become more aggressive and demand thorough research. No doctor should be allowed to dismiss a real disease calling it “consumption”. Rise and fight for the health and safety of your communities. You have it inside you. Find your voice.


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Why would twelve LeRoy New York school girls suddenly develop Tourette syndrome – like symptoms?

Jim Dupont and Beth Miller both have daughters who have presented with the tic like symptoms and both do not have a clue why this is happening reports Berkeley Brean of Tourette is a neurological condition with an uncontrollable tic feature.

Early January 2012, the parents of LeRoy New York students were updated by Dr Gregory Young of the New York State Health Department, the state office of Mental Health and the LeRoy school authority. The parents were informed that although the symptoms presented were real, no cause could be pinpointed. Stress is one factor being blamed.

What factor or a group of factors could trigger a signal cascade to cause a cluster of Tourette like syndromes in one school district?

The parents of the twelve girls who came down around the same time in 2011 with Tourette like symptoms are quite concerned. These were twelve normal girls earlier. Not today. Jim Dupont, a parent interviewed is very upset and not optimistic about his 17 year old daughter’s future. His daughter was ready to drive and now cannot. Beth Miller found that her healthy daughter woke up one morning with twitches.

If you can help these families or help prevent future clusters please let us know by commenting here. We want to hear from you and know that you care. Please read Berkeley Brean’s article which has more from one of the young girls herself. You may also call Jim Dupont or Beth Miller at the numbers below and let them know that you care:
Dupont and Miller are starting a support group for all the parents. They think if they work together they can get somewhere.

Here is the contact information:

Jim Dupont: (585) 746-2001
Beth Miller: (585) 356-7508

We’ve posted the unedited interview with the commissioner from the health department here at We encourage people to watch it. It may not answer all of your questions but it might answer a few.


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A young girl holding the pink breast cancer ribbon

Dr Miller and colleagues from cancer centers of North Carolina studied the genetic signatures of 674 breast cancer patients to predict how regulation of iron by an individual is linked to recovery. They published their work in the November issue of the journal Cancer Research in 2011.

Genes involved: There are 61 genes involved in regulation of iron and of them 49% appeared to be significantly associated with metastasis -free survival. This has a potential to affect therapeutic decision making.

Regulators of iron efflux: Dr. Nemeth and colleagues from California and Boston hospitals reported in an article in the journal Science in 2004 on how the liver regulates cellular iron levels. Hepcidin is a hormone secreted by the liver in response to iron loading and inflammation. Decreased hepcidin leads to tissue iron overload whereas increased hepcidin leads to hypoferremia and the anaemia of inflammation. (cancer research 71:6728)

The hormone hepcidin binds to a protein ferroportin on the surface of cells. This signals the cells to internalize the protein ferroportin and degrade it. This leads to decreased export of cellular iron. This is a loop. Iron regulates the secretion of hepcidin from the liver, which regulates internalization of the protein ferroportin on cell surfaces, which controls iron export from cells. Less export leads to overload of iron in cells.

Iron overload disorders: It is important to have a balanced amount of iron in the cells. Too much or too little iron is bad. The amount of iron differs during different stages in one’s life with a menstruating woman needing far more iron than a post menopausal woman. An excellent 2011 review in the journal, Internal Journal of Hematology by Dr  Kaplan and colleagues at Utah school of Medicine summarizes the current knowledge on levels of iron in cells, disorders and anaemia.

Special Diet for iron overload: Read the Hemochromatosis cookbook and this excellent blog from the Iron Disorders Institute:: Iron overload. Find a doctor immediately who will listen to you and is knowledgeable about this topic. Usually a gastroenterologist or hematologist. Blood donation is often the suggested therapy for iron overload and appears to help.

Scientist to encourage in this field: If research in this field is important to you then do write to the researchers involved in such research and encourage them. The value of Dr Miller’s work can be emphasized by emailing her colleague Dr Torti E-mail:

Dr Kaplan to encourage and for questions on iron overload Email:

Scientists work alone, often long hours in isolated settings. Letting them know that you consider their work important inspires them and spurs them to undertake often risky research. Help them find funding. Shower them with accolades.

If you found this article useful, please let me know by either hitting the like button here or in the “About” section (if you enjoyed more than one article here). It would help me to know which topics you would want me to research and write here.


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