Ten reasons why you should learn to eat your fries with chop sticks

You will look really silly if you use your fork to eat frieschop sticks

You will look internationally well – travelled even if you cannot find Mongolia on the world map

You may not have hand sanitizer available everywhere

You will get germs you have not heard of if you eat your fries and chips with your fingers

People looking at you eating with creatively designed chop sticks will copy you because you will look cool

Your fingers will appreciate the dexterity required for chop sticks and remain mobile and arthritic free longer

Carry your own chop sticks made from unique materials like steel and avoid cutting down more trees.

Keep your hands free to open germ – laced door knobs and faucets in public places

A billion Chinese toddlers find it far easier to master the art of using chop sticks than forks and spoons

Why should you not eat your fries with chopsticks?


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