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War against the aging effects of menopause – Three activities which help

Is this worth signing up for? “Plus, receive your FREE Bonus Report, Living to 100: What’s the secret?” promises Harvard University’s free newsletter, HEALTHBeat. What are the chances that you might live until you are one hundred years old? Pretty good, if you allow every creaking, malfunctioning organ inside your body to be replaced. The combined features of personalized medicine, 3-D printing and organ tissue culture are achieving true leaps in science.

However, men and women’s aging remains a mystery. The hormone Estrogen, which provides vitality and fertility to young women works with a few other hormones and minerals like Calcium in a rather mysterious manner. It is apparently controlled by a master, age – controlled switch, which decides when a woman will begin to decline cognitively. Yes, menopause controls when a woman becomes “foggy”, in a manner which is unclear, since women in some cultures never become “foggy”.

So, here we are attempting to discuss modern scientific discoveries that prevent aging, post – menopausal women from becoming “foggy”. Chances are, if your mother or grandmother is not “foggy” you have inherited good aging genes and need read no further. However, if you are aware of declining cognitive function in your gene pool, then perhaps, you might want to be aware of latest scientifically backed products claiming to reverse this decline.

Are there any effective products in the market today to revert effects of menopause?

Scientists are specializing in different parts of the body where these hormones of health and vitality may play a role. The brain, or the Neurogenesis and gender, is a major frontier being explored. A Rockefeller scientist, Dr. Bruce S McEwen, has devoted his career to this and is of the opinion we have a long way to go. He showed as early as the year 1999 that the hormone Estrogen had an effect on the brain. Estrogen changes brain structure, learning and memory he discovered. In the year 2004, Dr McEwen’s team published scientific evidence of a specific area in the brain where Estrogen plays a role – Estrogen controls dendritic spines formations and synaptic complexes. Estrogen may be associated with enhancement of hippocampal-dependent memory.

Physical activity, social contacts, intellectual pursuits
The conclusion even today from Dr. McEwen is that physical activity, social contacts, intellectual pursuits will do far more to help your personal war against the aging effects of menopause than any current market therapy available. They have a similar effect on stimulating the dendritic spines and synaptic connections of the brain and scientists who have devoted their career to this field have no explanation for this. Psychologists studying the aging woman’s brain activity say it is a myth that woman will definitely lose their cognitive function as they age because many women have perfectly great cognition, some even better than many middle – aged people.

Three things an aging woman will definitely benefit from:
1) Physical activity – exercise daily to invigorate your brain
2) Social contacts – seek out people and have conversations and relations; laugh and cry
3) Intellectual pursuits – learn a new subject every week and “master” it
All three above activities are known to stimulate the hippocampus with no detrimental side-effects.

Estrogen unknowns
Why does Estrogen control the brain? How does Estrogen control the brain? What controls Estrogen? When will we discover this master switch that regulates Estrogen and controls a woman’s moods and cognitive functions?

The hormone Provera has been prescribed along with Estrogen to menopausal women. However, Provera has side effects. The above discussion has shown how little we understand the master menopausal hormone, Estrogen. We understand Progesterone even less. Provera is an attempt to recreate Progesterone artificially. The side effects are considerable and the risks and benefits must be considered with the long-term view in mind. In brief, Provera, the artificial form of Progesterone, counteracts the beneficial effects of Estrogen therapy, when in combination therapy. Which means you might negate any positive effect of Estrogen therapy. This process, is incompletely understood, but if you have a choice, AVOID Provera, until studies satisfy and assure you of the long-term benefits.

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