Coenzyme-Q: Consider it but use caution – it may lower blood pressure

Are there any safety concerns? I would certainly say, yes!
1) If you always had low blood pressure and now have high blood pressure, monitor your blood pressure regularly. Coenzyme-Q might lower your blood pressure, perhaps below your previous normal. So, monitoring is highly advisable. You might want to read the paragraph under “Safety concerns” by clicking here for the Medline Plus list of safety concerns. Medline Plus is an advice site for the public by the National Institutes of Health, USA.
2) While it helps with preclampsia during certain pregnancies, this Medline site also strongly cautions against taking drugs without supervision during pregnancy. Several drugs considered quite safe have resulted in deformed babies. So, this cautionary advice is not to be taken lightly.

Is Coenzyme-Q beneficial? I would say, yes!
Most people prescribed statins can benefit from its regular use. It may have increased the lifespan of this generation by a healthier decade perhaps. However, a percentage of people have an adverse reaction to statins. Not all, simply a percentage. This may be particularly severe for a cohort and prompted the Pharmaceutical giant, Bayer, to recall its statin. This cohort may have had a genetic factor that predisposed them to a severe reaction to statins. Others had a favorable response. For those who have had a serioius adverse reaction to statins and need a statin alternative, Coenzyme-Q might be the answer, but again, under a physician’s supervision. You may click here to read where to access the full article by Texas medical scientists on “Treatment of statin adverse effects with supplemental Coenzyme Q10 and statin drug discontinuation”.You may email their chief scientist to encourage further research but also with questions you might have regarding replacing statins with Coenzyme-Q.
Email: Dr. Langsjoen
Briefly, his teams observations are summarized below:
-50 patients were evaluated for adverse statin effects (myalgia, fatigue, dyspnea, memory loss, and peripheral neuropathy)
-Began supplemental CoQ(10) at an average of 240 mg/day
– follow-up demonstrated a decrease in fatigue from 84% to 16%, myalgia from 64% to 6%, dyspnea from 58% to 12%, memory loss from 8% to 4% and peripheral neuropathy from 10% to 2%.

Want to learn more about Coenzyme-Q? The best site that I found for the public was the one by the New York University’s Langone Medical Center, which you might access by clicking here. I love the way it tells you the history of Coenzyme-Q and how it works and who benefits most from using it. For example, I enjoyed learning that the Japanese discovered it and use it regularly and are it’s primary manufacturers.

Who should take statins? I would strongly recommend reading this wonderfully detailed, well-balanced February 2012 article by Alice Parks in the Times magazine’s Health and family section by clicking here. It covers the FDA warnings and recent updates. It also clarifies hysteria versus rationale in “FDA Warns Statin Users of Memory Loss and Diabetes Risks”. Read more.

Does eating red beets help? Coenzyme-Q is manufactured by fermenting red beets. That makes a good case for introducing red beet regularly in your diet. Who knows how the body processes red beets internally and maybe eating more red beets may assist those who want to avoid medication.

Now, I have given you a wonderful set of well-researched articles to read and decide for yourself whether you should eat red beets, and add Coenzyme-Q to your vitamin shelf.

If you had a unique experience with Coenzyme-Q, do alert our readers, who are a special brand of people who are unafraid of a healthy dose of science in any explanation.

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