I bought this non-brand polarized sunglass; should I have selected a brand?

With the goal to save my retina for eternal eyehealth I routinely shop for polarized sunglasses. I can never make up my mind on what might be the best way to protect my delicate retina. I am told that sun glare must be prevented from reaching the retina and these days the sun is stronger each summer or on the ski slope. So, I am always hunting for the latest technology and the best deal on polarized sunglasses. You may read the “related articles” below for a comparison of the latest available technology on sunglasses.

I found this non-brand recently, right before the 2012 New York city marathon, in which 50,000 runners run 26.2 gruelling miles. The New York city marathon was cancelled that evening, after I had bought my polarized sunglasses! The storm of the century, Sandy, had gone through New York and destroyed the lives of many.  Nonetheless,  I found the sunglass  choices interesting enough to share with you. The proprietor, Smokey, specializes in sporty sunglasses and prices them all under $30.00. That is Smokey himself with his sunglasses in the photo. So, I bought one. Smokey said he never charges for shipping and likes to know his customers personally. He loves to chat about sports. So, let him know what sport makes your heart sing. He will let you know which polarized or non-polarized sunglasses he carries that he might recommend for you. For an additional $4.00 you add a case, should you need one. I did not.

Smokey’s email: ppeco@comcast.net. You may call him but he prefers email.

Smokey’s Ph: (303) 618-3384.

Smokey and his Sunglasses
Pinnacle Performance Eyewear

To wear or not to wear designer sunglasses? Are ordinary sunglasses just as good as designer brands in function? What valuable features should one look out for when purchasing a sunglass?

Firstly, the purchaser has to decide the primary function of the sunglass:
1) To look like a celebrity, or
2) To avoid outdoor glare while
a. skiing
b. surfing or fishing or water sports
c. hiking or outdoor, non-water or skiing sports

My research finds is hard to combine the above two choices. However, some sporty celebrities have made many functional choices quite desirable! After functionality, I find durability is a feature that must be valuable. The frame must not snap easily. The frame material should be able to withstand heat for sure. After all, are not sunglasses supposed to be worn in serious sunlight? I have heard many complaints of sunglasses simply snapping easily in extreme heat. So, I would give the highest value to a frame that can withstand the highest, recorded temperatures in the world. It would be thoughtful if the manufacturer planned ahead for global warming, in case our planet warmed significantly higher during the lifetime of the purchased sunglasses. The lenses have to be scratch resistant. One tends to drop glasses and they do manage to find the only sharp object to fall upon. Also, one tends to clean lenses with material lying around and rarely the chamois supplied by the manufacturer, because either it gets lost or is never conveniently close by. It would be a shame to pay a lot for sunglasses only to find that an innocent cleaning or a perfectly normal “dropping” produced a scratch on the dark lenses. It is quite possible that the damage happens within a week after purchase. That would be an absolute waste. So, durable sunglasses is important to me. Some retailers provide life-time warranty for durability claims. This warranty is worth the purchase price when shopping around. Yes, expensive designer glasses do break and a warranty would replace them for free. If you lose them, however, the warranty does not cover a replacement.

Superior Technology Claims
Personally, I feel this should be the most important feature in a sunglass when the function of the sunglass is eye protection. However, the reason I put this most important feature after durability is because it would be senseless to pay for superior technology mounted on an inferior frame and non-scratch resistant lens.

Now, lets review the few designer brands that claim superior technology available today and marketed to attract your purchasing power:Read more

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You will need a prescription for your eyes “optical distance” (OD) to purchase eye glasses from an online retailer.

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