Two Traditional Plant-based Diabetic management from Africa, and India

Psidium and Perseaare two common plants used in effective health management for optimum results that often integrate traditional medicine with modern therapies.

Psidium guajava, is used in India from traditional times to manage diabetes (see 1).  This common red guava has been shown to have hypoglycemic (lowers blood sugar) and hypotensive (lowers blood pressure) activity (see 2) when a research study was conducted using leaf extracts in an African adults type 2 Diabetics group. Mechanism of this action is still speculative. Both stem bark and leaf extracts appear to have hypoglycemic (lower blood sugar) effects.

Persea americana, has been used in traditional medicine for its hypoglycemic (sugar lowering) effects (see 3). This plant, the common pear’s seed extracts were used to study diabetic induced rats (see 3).  It acts by a degenerative effects on the pancreatic islet cells. Thus, the author suggests that ethanolic extracts of the pear seeds may be used to reduce blood glucose levels and in diabetic management.

Do write to these researchers to encourage them on these research projects on type 2 diabetes:
Dr Ojewole Email: ; Based currently in Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa
Dr Edem Email: , Based at Department of Biochemistry,Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences University of UYO,P.M.B. 1017, UYO,Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria

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