The Red pea pod fungus that became a deadly meningitis causal agent

As the 15 fungal scientists at the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) work thirteen hours a day, seven days a week (see 1) on how to detect, understand and curtail this unusual meningitis, the larger community is wondering what could have prevented this meningitis. There are two fungi causing this recent deadly meningitis (see 2, 3, 4.). They are Aspergillus and Exserohilum. While Aspergillus has caused meningitis in the past, Exserohilum is the surprising enemy. While there are a few scientists already working on fungal meningitis (see 3, 5), there are none who had worked on Exserohilum for meningitis, but perhaps as a sinusitis causal agent or a plant pathogen. 

The current emphasis of the scientists working around the clock is to figure out how to detect the fungus that is causing the meningitis.  Since one of them has never caused meningitis before, there are no confirmed, FDA approved detection tests for the current crisis. This is one of the topmost and most urgent priorities of the CDC scientists. “The scale is much bigger than we have previously worked with”, says Dr. Ana Lituintseva, CDC Fungal Research Laboratory Team Leader (see 6). While most patients have been reported from among those who received spinal pain corticosteroid injections, there has been at least one report of meningitis from a patient who received a joint pain corticosteroid injection (see 2). Fortunately, this fungal infection is not contagious. Fungal medication is very toxic. It is not recommended to take the fungal medication as a precautionary measure, because fungi and humans are very similar. When you attempt to kill the fungus, you may harm the human. So, the advice is to listen to the doctor. In a following article we will explain how fungi are similar to humans.

The Red Pea Pod Fungus that causes an unusual meningitis

Why is one of the fungi causing this infection called “The Red pea pod”? Because it looks like a red pea pod. For a photo of what it looks like when it was observed causing an infection in plants click on 4; compare with this  photo (see 6) of what it looks like when it causes infection in humans as meningitis. Then, decide for yourself and begin to ask the question, how different are we humans from the common plants around us? The answer is important for the survival of our civilization as we know it today and begin to create an alternate civilization in space, Mars and the universe beyond us.

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