All drugs from the compounding pharmacy of Massachussetts should be monitored

In additiion, to monitoring patients who received a corticosteroid injection for pain, the FDA (USA) has advised to monitor any drug from the compounding pharmacy facility at Farmington, MA. Patients following eye surgery and heart operations have complained of meningitis symptoms and they received drugs from this pharmacy. There is the chance that their symptoms or complaints are from other causes.

The meningitis is caused by a rare fungus, Exserohilum, which normally causes infection in plants and if it infects humans it is usually in the harmless form of sinusitis. Thus, a question that is going to be a follow – up study is how did this fungus turn deadly to humans? Currently, the 15 scientists at CDC (USA) are working around the clock to figure out how to definitively diagnose this fungus in a human. Considering this is the first time observed to be causing meningitis in humans, there is no FDA approved diagnostic test.


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