What is the G-Protein receptor for which two scientists won the nobel prize?

What is the G-protein? They act as a gateway to how and what our bodies react. For example, Vitamin D exposure is critical to our health. How does our body know how much Vitamin D we have been exposed to? The answer is that there is a protein that recognizes Vitamin D when it is produced in response to sunlight. This protein is connected via another protein called G-protein. Through G-proteins, the human body controls virtually any important functions like fighting the common cold.  To learn more about how G-proteins control emerging diseases like autism and their description click here.  To see a gorgeous illustration of the G-protein click here. To know the names of the nobel winners click here.

You may want to know your G-proteins. A change in your G-protein may affect how much sunlight you need to be a healthy person. This may be quite different from that of your neighbor or best friend or spouse. Pharmaceutical companies owe half their drugs to the G-proteins. Antihistamines, beta blockers and anti-psychotic drugs to name just a few block buster drugs owe their success to the understanding scientists have of the G-proteins.

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