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20,000 Tea secrets: Ways to natural health benefits

Found the detailed descriptions of herbal benefits of various teas quite interesting. It would be fun to know which tea our readers enjoy the most in this book. The author is Victoria Zak. The ebook price is $7.99.

Here are a few excerpts:

Dandelion Root Tea 

…..It removes toxins that collect in your joints.  It removes free radicals…..

Dandelion Leave Tea 

…..Anemia..It has iron and vitamin C which helps iron absorption….


…..A shrub indigenous to Texas….A nerve tonic….

And many more combination and single tea recipes, benefits, and where they grow. 

A nice social way to drink our way to health.


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September 27, 2012 · 5:21 pm

Natural products: Anti-fungal agents derived from plants

Tasleem Arif, T. K. Mandal and Rajesh Dabur, scientists at 

National Research Institue of Basic Ayurvedic Sciences Nehru Garden, Kothrud, Pune-411038, India published in 

Opportunity, Challenge and Scope of Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry, 2011: 283-311 ISBN: 978-81-308-0448-4 

Abstract. As new spectrums of human fungal infections are increasing due to increased cancer and AIDS patients. The increased use of antifungal agents also resulted in the development of resistance to these drugs. It makes necessary to discover new classes of antifungal compounds to treat fungal infections. The research on natural products and natural products derived compounds has accelerated in recent years due to their importance in drug discovery. Plants are rich source of bioactive secondary metabolites of wide variety such as tannins, terpenoids, alkaloids, and flavonoids, reported to have in vitro antifungal properties. A series of molecules with antifungal activity against different strains of fungus have been found in plants, which are of great importance to humans and plants. These molecules may be used directly or considered as a model for developing better molecules. This review attempts to summarize the current status of reported antifungal compounds from plants. 

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September 27, 2012 · 4:03 pm

A documentary about the stories after Gardasil vaccination

Think East Productions, creator brothers Ryan Richardson and David Richardson have business experience and have worked on Hewlett-Packard and Disney film projects. Now, they turn their attention to the vaccine Gardasil. Click here and here for more information on release dates. Below, the documentary film is described by the brothers themselves:

One More Girl is a documentary about the stories of anguish and travesty, futures destroyed, and families reduced to financial ruin by medical costs brought on by a vaccine, Gardasil. The vaccine is designed to prevent Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Pre-production is in process right now and we are raising funds so that we can begin production this summer with a tentative 2012 release date.

We are two brothers that were motivated to make this documentary when our sister had experienced several serious side-effects after her first injection of the Gardasil vaccine. Her adverse reaction demanded further investigation which led to the startling discovery that thousands of young girls were having serious reactions to the vaccine, including death. At last count, there have been 89 confirmed deaths as a result of Gardasil.

These girls’ reactions to the vaccine range from muscle pain, weakness, seizures, strokes, autoimmune problems, paralysis, tremors, heart issues, and the list goes on and on. Furthermore, it is estimated that only 1-10% of vaccine related side-effects are reported.

Treating these girls is a challenge. Doctors don‘t know how to treat them and are reluctant to do so without establishing the cause of their symptoms.

Haunted by the tragic stories of thousands of girls injured by Gardasil, we began in-depth research to verify a correlation between the vaccine and the girls’ medical conditions. We wanted to know more about the HPV that causes cervical cancer, the vaccine created to prevent it, and Merck Pharmaceutical Company, which developed the HPV vaccine Gardasil.

The Gardasil Girls’ stories are backdropped with research and data from global activists, attorneys, medical experts and journalists. Dr. Dianne M. Harper, the leading researcher that worked for 20 years developing the Gardasil vaccine states that, ”There is not enough evidence gathered on the side-effects to know that safety is not an issue” and “giving it to 11 year old girls is a great big public health experiment.” Dr. Harper speaks out even though her words could be detrimental to Merck. She claims, ”That she wants to be able to sleep with herself when she goes to bed at night.”

As filmmakers, we decided that the best way to bring this topic to the forefront was to make a documentary giving the “Gardasil Girls“ a voice. We intend to educate the public on HPV, hear from the experts about the medical history and marketing campaigns, and the impact of Gardasil on young girls’ lives.

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