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Pthalate exposure linked to obesity and eczema in children in new studies

Presented at the Endocrine society’s annual meeting in Houston. A research study suggests plastics may alter fat metabolism.  Phthalates are manufactured, endocrine-disrupting chemicals that can mimic the body’s natural hormones. Phthalates are primarily used to soften polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in products.
Click here to read the 2012 obesity study by pediatrist Dr Mi-Jung Par which reports that children with the highest levels of a common pthalate (DEHP) in their blood were five times likely to be obese as children with the lowest levels of this pthalate.
Click here to read the 2012 eczema study by Dr Alan Just and colleagues at Columbia Center of Children’s Environmental Health, NY: Prenatal exposure to a pthalate (BBzP) commonly found in household dust and vinyl flooring may increase a child’s risk of developing eczema. Click here to read more.

DEHP may do two different things that increase fat development, Park said. It may reduce the effect of androgen — a male sex hormone — which lowers body-mass index (BMI). It may also disrupt thyroid function, which plays a role in weight gain. Interfering with androgen or thyroid hormones can affect appetite or a person’s rate of metabolizing food..Click here to read more.

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