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War on obesity and diabetes by reducing intake of drinks with sugar to 16oz in New York City

Why would anybody want to drink sweetened beverages with a healthy meal instead of water?

Mayor Bloomberg wants to restrict sugared drink sizes to 16 oz in New York City

. To read in how many ways soda may be harmful, you may click hereto read Sarah Weir’s yahoo blog.

This is one of perhaps many posters today all around New York City, warning everybody that just 4 drinks with sugar a day may add 84 packets of sugar in the body. I found this add visually effective. However, a tired, young woman sitting with her back to the sign, had not even noticed it. When I took this photo, she did turn around to look at it. I wish I could have asked her what she thought of it. Why are we so afraid to talk to strangers about topics of common interest? At what stage in our lives do we begin to do that?

Returning to the topic of the Mayor Bloomberg of New York City. He announced this decision in the New York Times on Wednesday,May 30, 2012, that he was introducing a bill to restrict the size of drinks with sugar to 16oz. This would apply only to places that sell it as a snack or with a meal, such as a restaurant. Larger bottles can still be sold at supermarkets or food marts or grocery stores. The issue is that some are questioning his authority to mandate such a restriction, even calling New York City the first “Nanny state”.

The sugar drink bill is to be submitted to the board of health on June 12. The board will vote 3 months later. Restaurants and snack bars will get 6 months thence, to comply prior to violation citation with a probable $200.00 fine. I am unaware if school cafeterias will be included in this violation list. The school budget relies on funding from the sugar drink industry to “lease” school space for the soda dispensing machines to “hydrate” the school population. This life-style change decision comes with a “loss of jobs” implication in those who profit from the job industry too. How will those jobs be replaced? Perhaps, with the money potentially saved from lower health complications of less obese people, which may be transferred to perhaps more sport educators or newly trained fitness experts.

There is a second issue which I will only mention briefly, since the Bloomberg administration is ignoring this detail, at this time. Most drinks marketed and priced for the masses are no longer sweetened with sugar but with cheaper sugar substitutes like high fructose corn syrup, which may be making people fatter today than sugar might have (see “Related Articles” below), or with sugar alternatives like aspartame for diabetics, which might be cancerous.

This brings us to the discussion of what should the role of government be with the people? When people get sick and have no health care, a kinder government arranges for public health care, preferably at no cost. However, nothing is free, because somewhere, tax money is paid by citizens to cover such ‘free’ programs benefitting the needy. Also, even those who have healthy eating and exercise habits still have to cover the higher cost of insurance rates to cover others on the same insurance coverage, who may not have healthier lifestyles. There is accumulating scientific evidence that when you have too much sugar you will get sick, sometimes very sick with chronic diseases like Diabetes.

How many of you have felt miserable when traveling long distance sitting next to a super obese person? You have paid for your seat, which entitles you to occupy your whole seat. Now, comes this super obese, kindly person, apologizes profusely, and literally pours half of this body into your seat ‘space’. How do you even begin to phrase your complaint? Many discussions after such trips begin with, “I never had this issue before, but there are too many obese people these days” or “Have you noticed how obese the people flying these days are?”

Apparently, Mayor Bloomberg noticed too and has decided that a government’s role is to stop the problem by preventing the rise of future cases of obesity. His administration is expecting an outcry from those who profit from the sugar drink industry and those who are addicted to sugar drinks. However, they are not expecting praise. After all, do citizens ever thank a politician for a wise decision? Have you heard of the phrase, “Immitation is the finest form of flattery”? I am certain that Mayor Bloomberg, his wise, far-sighted nutrition and health advisors, and his administration team who organized the posters and press release to restrict sugar drink sizes would be quite flattered if states and countries all over the world began to demand their leaders and governments follow the same process to make the world less obese in the future. The recent trend towards the super obese just has to be curtailed.

Should you desire to praise Mayor Bloomberg, you are encouraged to do so in writing, so that his team is energized:

If you need assistance locating information on the NYC.gov Web site, you may search NYC.gov.

You may contact directly by writing, calling, faxing or e-mailing:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
City Hall
New York, NY 10007
PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC)


News articles on sugar drink bill in New York City, 2012
1) Original article in New York Times by MICHAEL M. GRYNBAUM with over 1400 comments
2) CBS local news takes a poll on your view on this bill and lists some opinions, both for and against.

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Worm Theory: to improve the immune system to fight asthma, multiple sclerosis and more

The probiotic way, where you can introduce worms or germs inside the gut by eating them intentionally, is becoming increasingly mainstream (click here). Have we “poisoned” our guts by making it sterile? Have we “killed” our ability to fight invading microbes like common bacterial infections, or usual allergens like pollen in the spring time? Perhaps, we have made our outside environment too clean, say many physicians today. Maybe, you should eat probiotics.

Worms? Yes, eat small worms or tapeworms for a healthier immune system.

Here is a wonderful article that summarizes the many ways discovered around the world that eating worms can make you healthier. Click here to read this article which also lists several scholarly articles from the year 2000 to 2007 where worms are eaten, worms of all sizes and varieties, fed by physicians in the name of clinical research because physicians are desperate to lessen the suffering of their patients. This site is completely devoted to worm therapy and even has a “frequently asked questions” page; so apparently, people who visited the site had several common questions. Some examples of questions were: “Is it safe?”, “Do I have to go to Mexico?”, “What if I want to get rid of my worms?” and more.

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