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Are there any Gays and Lesbians who are autistic?

Tony Langdon is credited with the first site dealing with Gay and Autistic says Autism women’s network. When I asked this question and went looking for answers, I found that Kristi and Joe are writing a book on the topic on January 2010, entitled, “Asperger’s and Sexuality for parents of adolescents” and looking for anonymous people to interview on Autism women’s network. So, apparently this was a matter already under discussion. Katherine on the same site listed 12 sites covering this issue. She is the one who said that Tony Langdon was a web presence in the Autralian Autistic community since 1990s, exploring being gay and autistic. Included was also a must see site in the Netherlands.

So, I would suggest that to learn more on this topic, go to Autism women’s network, by clicking here; scroll all the way to the bottom and find Katherine’s list of 12 sites covering this issue. Also, check out the others on the same site: German_Aspie, book authors kritisakai, and AllSaintsAngel, who discuss their issues.

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