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“What worries me”: A variety list of 7 posts including this phrase

I wondered how many people are worried and what worries them. Here is a list that I found. Frank Sinatra has a song with lyrics of the song including this phrase and a link leading to a free download for your mobile phone ring is below. There is also a video about worrying about Law School. There is a worry about Orioles trading, Crowd Sourcing, Finding the right man, and more.

Feel free to add your “What worries me” in the comments and share your worry with us.  Especially, about Autism, Aspergers and Allergy and other Autoimmune diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Juvenile and Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis. Diabetes and Obesity.

Sorrow and worries shared is sorrow and worries halved
Happiness shared is happiness doubled

Together we can halve our worries.

“What worries me”: List of sites in virtual space including this phrase. It is not comprehensive.
1) An email: What worries me is, will we be able to find guys who have a similar thinking process? Tejaswee’s Blog
2) It Worries Me Lyrics
Frank Sinatra

3) That’s What Worries Me
by DAVE SCHULER on APRIL 3, 2012
discussing the bankruptcy of the solar company with the largest grant from DOE
4) What Worries Me About the Crowdfunding Initiatives
Posted: 03/ 8/2012
6:43 pm by Tim Berry, President and Chairman, Palo Alto Software, in Huffington Post
5) Dan Lyons Mar 20, 2012 – What worries me is that now that Daisey has been discredited, people will think that all of this stuff about bad conditions in China was made up, …in The US News with the Title: The True Victims of Mike Daisey’s Lies May Be Those Chinese Workers He Championed
6) What worries me by Andrew Ge in Camden Chat on Feb 7, 2012 – The Baltimore Orioles’ trade of Jeremy Guthrie feels both fair and underwhelming all at once. Are the Orioles in a perpetual cycle of failing to …
7) One Less Worry: What worries me about Law School. A wonderful video. This is a video submission to the Access Group One Less Worry competition and had 825 views to date.

Worries added by our readers:

I also think that mental illness – depression and severe stress – is a serious issue in the legal profession in Australia, and has recently received quite a bit of publicity especially in the Australian law schools.
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