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Know your G proteins: relevant for Allergy, Autism, Aspergers and ASD

The G protein interconnects several proteins within the cell. Most importantly, it interconnects several proteins to the immune pathway. So, if you have wondered why and how more than one factor could cause the new diseases and allergies we are encountering in recent decades – know your G proteins.

I will write a series of articles on the G protein, Thanks, to a reader ( fitfoodhealthprogram blogger) who asked me to update frequently.

1) They will first describe the G protein and how it functions to take care of you or contributes to disease.    2) Then, they will in a series take each protein and show you how each protein may interact with an environmental factor or a vaccine factor or a bacterial, virus, or fungal protein, or sunlight/Vit D and/or all of them together inside your cells within your body.

You have to realize that all this is in research phase all over the world. So, I will have to be analyzing the most relevant work that succintly states what is important to Allergy, Autism, Aspergers and ASD.

Please, allow for time between articles for some research but also let us know what you want us to expand upon. So, watch out for articles here on how the G protein may hold some answers. It will gather research from all over the world and succintly state what is relevant to our readers. Simple. You simply must know your G proteins.

Irrelevant scientific detail: How do scientists study protein-protein interactions? Here are some links to journal publications in recent years (2005 to current) and a video.
1) Hida and colleagues.
2) Farrell and colleagues.
3) Ai and colleagues. This link takes time to load.
4) Video. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Virginia Commonwealth Institute. Extremely good and educational video with a pleasant narrator. Very advanced science content. Invite the speaker to your group to give a presentation and see if these scientists can explain to you about research on receptor interaction.

Research on G protein: Trust me. The answers are critical to your health questions on the new rising issues in recent decades. It is imperative that you understand the importance of interactions of various external signals like pesticides, herbicides, vaccines, common infections, environmental toxins, in combination with your gut signals generated by gut microbials, antibiotics, drugs and food. Only when you understand this major issue, will you be able to demand and fund such protein-protein interaction studies. If you are a journalist, then your role will be to educate your community of readers. Translate what I write into beautiful prose to capture your readers imagination.  As a community, all must begin to understand how different signals interact inside your cell. Simple. You simply must know your G proteins.

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