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Beware of contaminated olive oil in your healthy heart and allergy alert diet

University of Davis researchers, Dr Frankel & Dr Edwin and an international team of co-authors, authorities on lipid oxidation, olive oil chemistry and edible oils, posted a report that olive oil on store shelves may fail international and USDA standards. If you want unadulterated olive oil for your health then, you will want to read this article by blogger mamanatural who discovered the large scale olive oil fraud active in many countries, inlcuding Spain and USA. It may be wise to know the source of your olive oil manufacturer and bottler and now distributer and retailer. Yes, even big name retailers, and brand names you would naturally assume you can trust have been shown to have adulterated their brand name olive oils with others that are cheaper and not heart healthy or safe for allergy.

Mamanatural says:
….How to get real olive oil

Avoid “Light” olive oil at all costs. This is the lowest quality olive oil on the plant.
If you can find oils with the International Olive Oil Council certification, go for those.
Buy Californian olive oils, which are far less adulterated than imported oil.
Do your homework. Find a reputable company or source and buy small bottles from them….

You may want to check your brand and do some home work if it is critical. Note, that the California olive oils also may have been ‘diluted’ with non – heart healthy cheaper oils.
It is big business and a few dollars saved in cost per bottle makes the retailer/manufacturer lots of money. Your health is obviously not their concern. So, make it your concern to find the safe olive oil brands and list them here and share them with all our readers.

Mamanatural also lists some safer brands citing a University of California study that lists the following:
Corto Olive
California Olive Ranch
Kirkland Organic
Lucero (Ascolano)
McEvoy Ranch Organic

If your olive oil is not on this extremely short list be very cautious and do your homework, if pure virgin olive oil is what is important for your health.

New York Times links to Huffington Post which quotes and links to this blogger, mamanatural. Do visit the blog site and thank the author too for alerting you about contaminated olive oil. A community takes care of each other.

The International Lipid. Olive oil Chemistry, Edible oil Experts
Dr. Edwin N. Frankel, Scientific Advisor. Dr. Frankel is among the world’s leading authorities on lipid oxidation. An adjunct professor at the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology, he ranked in 2003-04 as the world’s most-cited author of agricultural research by the Institute for Scientific Information. Most recently he has authored “Chemistry of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Adulteration, Oxidative Stability, and Antioxidants,” Journal of
Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2010, 58, 5991-6006.

Dr. Rodney J. Mailer, Co-Investigator. Dr. Mailer has been involved in olive
research since 1996, and is the principal research scientist at the Australian Oils Research Laboratory in Wagga Wagga, NSW. He heads the laboratory’s edible oil research program, which plays a leading role in national olive industry research, and is the
Australian representative on the International Standards Organization (ISO)
for Fats and Oils.

Dr. Charles F. Shoemaker, Co-Investigator. Dr. Shoemaker is the co-chairman of the UC Davis Olive Center and a professor in the UC Davis Department of Food Science and Technology. He supervises the UC Davis Olive Oil Chemistry Laboratory. Dr. Shoemaker is a specialist in food emulsions, micelles, microemulsions, and food separations.

Dr. Selina C. Wang, Co-Investigator. Dr. Wang received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from UC Davis in 2008. She has since lectured for the UC Davis Department of Food
Science and Technology and is a research associate at the UC Davis Olive Oil
Chemistry Laboratory.

Dan Flynn, Consultant. Mr. Flynn is the executive director of the UC Davis Olive Center, the only center of its kind in North America. He leads the
center’s efforts to promote research and education.

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