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The father, his coffee intake and his aging gene mutations contribute to about 5% of Autism cases

Should women choose younger men to breed with? Yes, for two reasons – coffee intake & male biological clock.
1) Three cups of coffee a day could keep fertility at bay: Dr Andrew Wyrobeck of University of California Berkeley. He advises that a man of any age who drinks even three cups of coffee may have damaged DNA. Other researchers advise that three months before conception, men should restrict their caffeine intake in products that include caffeine. Too many energy products include caffeine. Fathers-to-be need to think before they sip.

The Chemical Nature of Coffee

Their child may inherit the father’s DNA through the sperm, and this DNA may be damaged. Since, the father makes new sperms it is safe to reduce caffeine intake a few months before conception. Once the wife is pregnant, she has to continue avoiding caffeine intake while the father can get back to caffeine intake. Men have biological clocks. Sketch of Old Man Enjoying his coffee

2) The Aging Man fathers about 5% of Autistic Spectrum children
As the father ages his DNA is damaged spontaneously bombarded by toxins he is exposed to in a developed world lifestyle. The older the father gets, the more DNA is damaged and the chances of his sperms passing these on to produce a child with birth defects increases. Of course, the damaged DNA carrying sperm has to find an egg, and the longer the father delays in allowing his sperm to seek an egg, the more chances of increasing DNA damage in his progeny. Given these chances currently are only 5% for unknown reasons. These mutations in the fathers gene are new, which means that his father or grand father did not have this DNA damage. But his son may inherit them and if he does seek a woman to breed with, he too will pass it on to his child. The older father, thus, procreates a damaged dynasty with a 5% chance.
For the peer reviewed journal article on Age of father, new spontaneous gene mutations and relation to a percentage of ASD cases click here.

Many Energy Drinks contain Caffeine

Now, add three cups of coffee to an older father about to breed and what do you get? An Older Father and Child

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