Recent Advances in Tourettes syndrome research – hope for 12 LeRoy girls?

A recent review in 2006 of current research knowledge on Tourette’s syndrome, in the Journal Trends in Neuroscience by Dr Albin and Dr Mink from University of Michigan and University of Rochester, respectively.

Salient features: It emphasizes that Tourettes is in more boys than girls (which makes it more significant and scientifically puzzling that it was 12 girls in LeRoy high school who have developed Tourettes like syndrome and around the same time after September 2011);
Basal ganglia models have made it easier to study this disease;
Genes have been found to be associated but none have been found in all Tourettes patients;
Treatment research is may hone in on D1 receptor antagonists.

Contact the authors and encourage them and let them know that you care about their work and their knowledge. They will truly appreciate it. You may support their work by fund raising for them. You may inspire them by inviting them to give talks on current status of world wide Tourettes research.

Rochester is not too far from LeRoy high school. It would be wise to have a scientific presentation in LeRoy by the author of this paper, who is based in Rochester.

Corresponding author is Jonathan Mink and his contact information:
Corresponding author: Mink, J.W. (

Addresses of both authors, if you prefer to shower them with snail mail and one dollar bills:

Roger L. Albin1 and Jonathan W. Mink2
Geriatrics Research, Education, and Clinical Center, Ann Arbor VAMC, Department of Neurology, University of Michigan, MI 48109,
Departments of Neurology, Ne\urobiology & Anatomy, and Pediatrics, University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry,
601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 631, Rochester, NY 14642, USA

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