12 LeRoy, NY high school girls with sudden, similar symptoms -Tackling the issue with scientific methodology

When twelve LeRoy high school students, all teenage girls aged around 17 years, suddenly presented with similar symptoms after September 2011, the medical community was baffled. It was a real diagnosis of an illness, and yet, did not appear to follow any of Koch’s rules of a cause or infection.

The girls are obviously still sick three months later and they are distraught, missing out on the best, albeit reasonably stressful, year of school life. Their parents simply want them cured.

The school community was concerned enough to call in the responsible authorities. The parents were informed the school is safe to attend. All was back to normal, except for the fact that the twelve girls are still sick and being told that “it is all in their heads”, “mass hysteria”, “get over it” and others have simply not taken them seriously. One Amherst Psychiatrist has labeled it the “consumption disease” or mass hysteria. A 2013 TV documentary follows the story of these school girls and one boy with similar symptoms:
The Town That Caught Tourettes? (10 PM, TLC):

How do you “catch” Tourettes? I guess we’ll find out:

In the fall of 2011, in a small town in upstate New York, a group of teenage girls from the same high school mysteriously developed symptoms resembling Tourette’s. This documentary follows the lives of the girls at the heart of the baffling outbreak.

It is time to take these girls seriously. Tomorrow, this could happen to another cluster of children or adults and we would still have no scientific system to deal with the results. A country that can send a man to walk on the moon can surely figure out what will trigger such a cluster phenomenon.

Consider the following and get your voice head to get answers now:
1) Tics, and sudden involuntary movements as seen in these girls is usually found in 4:1 ratio in boys, and not girls; why girls and why 12 girls here? Did the hormone estrogen play a role?
2) We know all the 12 girls did not know each other as friends. Did they share a common home product? A new tampon which can give toxic shock syndrome leading to an infection trigger.
3) The group of triggers – it is time to demand mass large scale studies of a group of triggers. It is scientifically not allowed to study a group of triggers in relationship to each other. Only single triggers can be studied, one at a time. In the case of these girls, all known plausible single triggers have been ruled out. Hence, the next obvious step is to study a group of triggers in various combinations. Any maths student can figure out the various combinations to study for Tourettes. For eg:
a: Gardasil and toxic shock syndrome
b: Gardasil and strep throat infection
c: Gardasil and >>>>>
d: A household cleaner and >>>>
e: A soccer field pesticide and an energy drink and >>>>
The community should become more aggressive and demand thorough research. No doctor should be allowed to dismiss a real disease calling it “consumption”. Rise and fight for the health and safety of your communities. You have it inside you. Find your voice.



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8 responses to “12 LeRoy, NY high school girls with sudden, similar symptoms -Tackling the issue with scientific methodology

  1. Wendy

    I believe it’s Conversion Disorder…Definition
    By Mayo Clinic staff
    Conversion disorder is a condition in which you show psychological stress in physical ways. The condition was so named to describe a health problem that starts as a mental or emotional crisis — a scary or stressful incident of some kind — and converts to a physical problem.

    In conversion disorder, your leg may become paralyzed after you fall from a horse, even though you weren’t physically injured. Conversion disorder signs and symptoms appear with no underlying physical cause, and you can’t control them.

    Signs and symptoms of conversion disorder typically affect your movement or your senses, such as the ability to walk, swallow, see or hear. Conversion disorder symptoms can be severe, but for most people, they get better within a couple of weeks.

    I’ve been irritated by the news coverage of this situation and can only imagine the frustration by the families involved. There must be a physiological cause…I would love to watch an actual news story that last for more than 3 minutes, and that answers the questions we all have. This could happen to anyone and we should all be paying attention to how it is handled..so far, I’m very concerned about the lack of media coverage to uncover what is going on in Le Roy.

    • Leadership needs to be identified to rise to such occasions of crisis. The response needs to be specified in stepwise fashion, something similar to an evacuation route.

      You are correct in feeling frustrated that the media has not asked the question of what steps are being taken to get to the bottom of the cause and who is leading that charge and when will the concerned public be updated in regular monthly/quarterly/annual meetings in an easily accessible public online forum.

      Perhaps, you could email ABC or NBC and ask them to begin to investigate. Maybe, if you attach a few signatures to your request it will alert them to the interest? The news channels are happy to serve the public as long as they are sure they will attract certain advertisements. For example, they may be encouraged if they can be assured of some advertisers for that coverage, say for example an orange juice or fresh cranberry advertisement. You may know someone in advertising departments of certain companies whom you could encourage to to advertise should the national channel follow up with finding what possibly caused this cluster illness?

    • Christina L.

      “Conversion disorder is a condition in which you show psychological stress in physical ways. ” That is fine if it is for only one individual. But when more than 12 individuals are involved with the same symptoms, who do not associate with each other, and possibly do not have any situations occuring at school, or outside of school, that are causing psychological stress…than there is something else that is affecting these students. The EPA, DEP, NY Department of Health, and other health departments should start researching the 1970 train derailment that happened 3 miles from where the school was constructed (where did the TCE go if it wasn’t properly disposed of), and do soil testing of the softball field that used to be farmland (chemicals could have been used to control pests and to ensure the growth of the crops, thus eventually going into the soil), and also take into consideration that the surrounding area is marshland. As a concerned former resident of LeRoy, this is a situation that could not only affect these unfortunate students, but could also be affecting the adult residents and children of the town of LeRoy. If this is affecting these students of the LeRoy Central High School, is this something that could be isolated or is it possible that the TCE could be in the water supply? I am looking forward to reading an update from the Genesee County officials as to the results of these symptoms and if it is something that can be treated.

  2. Anonymous

    how about a hoax?

    • Hoax has been ruled out by authorities and medical community. The 12 girls and their families are suffering. Serious scientific attention needs to be directed to curing them. Your suggestions here may save someone you care for in the future.

  3. Anonymous

    What about the 13th girl that just past through leroy? All she did was stop at a resturant with her family. Same symptoms ect. Somthing is up. There has to be some connection that all the girls have. What is it? Not stress thats for sure. Maybe some contamination with the farmers spraying their crops. Or a bad shot ect. There must be some connection that all 13 have. Find out what it is and bingo.

  4. It’s great that Erin Brockovich is on the case! She’s a wonderful environmental detective!

    The very fact that the school people are running scared, and refused to let her group take soil & water samples, clearly shows they are hiding important information–probably about the HUGE TOXIC spill from a big railroad derailment in 1970 or 1971, just 3 or 4 miles away from Le Roy. No containment of that spill of TCE & cyanide, has allowed these poisons to move (migrate) in a “plume”, within the “bedrock”.

    The several natural gas “wells” that the school owns, may be bringing in the toxins even more, to the school grounds, but since the school makes money off those “wells”, the school is in denial of any connection there. They are basically putting their fingers in their ears, saying “La La La, I can’t heeeear you!”.

    It’s also great that Dr. Trifiletti (nearby pediatric neurologist) is checking on possible PANDAS (Pediatric Auto-immune Neuro-psychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal or other infections), that can cause Tourette-like tics.

    Vaccination reactions can also cause tics–vaccines like Gardasil, etc.

    The psychiatrists saying “mass hysteria” should see a psychiatrist themselves, for their “denial” symptoms!

  5. angela

    I know what caused it. I know something that the girls did that caused this. It was a “new fad” at the time. None of the girls reported or disclosed this to any of the doctors. I’m not sure who I tell this information to.

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