Could the vaccine Gardasil cause neurological symptoms as an adverse reaction?

The Lyme Disease vaccine was removed from the market after patients complained about severe arthritis and neurological symptoms after receiving the vaccine.  Is Gardasil not getting enough public anger yet. Nobody died from the Lyme vaccine and the public got attention. Is the Connecticut public simply more intellectual than the rest of America? Or is the rest of America extremely accepting of medical harm, injected by their trusted family Pediatrician in all good faith?

A registered nurse commenting on an article on PANS on certainly has observed neurological adverse reactions following the Gardasil vaccine. Most of the other comments implicated gardasil.

A mother commented on my article on “LeRoy high school…Tourettes…” that her daughter has been chronically ill since she took her third gardasil shot in 2009. Most of the other comments implicated a vaccine, either gardasil or a swine flu vaccine.

An organization dedicated to gardasil’s adverse reaction lists the names of our young girls with their own or their mother’s version of the history of the development of their symptoms. One common theme in these stories is ‘brain fog’ and stomach pain so severe that doctors recommend operations which parents indicate were unwarranted. If you care and have noticed that adverse reaction reporting is not being done in a scientific manner, or surprised why doctors do not understand the vaccine are dangerous when improperly designed by non-dedicated scientists, then:

write to the people who have provided their emails and leave them messages of support and then use your own voice to be active to protect your own community from negligence.

Henrietta Lacks died from cervical cancer and donated unknowingly her cancer cells to research. She died at the age of thirty and was often infected with STDs by a philandering husband. Her HeLa cells have given so much help to our society. Cancer research progressed with HeLa cells at a fast pace because HeLa cells multiplied faster than any known and available cancer cells in culture. Before HeLa it was difficult to grow a cancer cell in culture.

The Gardasil vaccine’s goal is to prevent the early death from cervical cancer. The aim is commendable. However, the vaccine researchers may have simply taken the virus strains and decided to use standard procedures to create a bottled product.

They would have done well to have heeded the reaction to the Lyme Disease vaccine which was developed by non-dedicated Yale scientists. They had the literature which would have advised against developing a vaccine to OspA protein and could have gone with the OspB bacterial protein. But instead they rushed in their eagerness to fame and licensed the rights to big Pharma, whose regulators did not do their job and apply their expertise to check the literature and earnestly began marketing the drug. Fortunately, the public in Connecticut, where Lyme disease was originally recognised and a vaccine developed, rose against the vaccine in a large group and took the matter to the attention of the Attorney General. The Lyme vaccine was having side effects of rheumatoid arthritis and neurological issues and the vaccine had to be removed from the market. Read the articles published in 2002 by washington medical writer Lauren Neergaard and Dr Andrea Gateo’s comment on the side bar of the article by an advocacy group urging caution with a new vaccine.
Glaxo Smith Kline, the marketer of this vaccine Limerix was miffed.

Is there a pattern emerging here?
1)It is obvious that Gardasil (or swine flu vaccine) alone is not the cause of neurological adverse reactions, otherwise all who receive the vaccine would have similar symptoms.
2) Also, a genetic basis has been ruled out because all who show adverse symptoms appear so far to lack an obvious common genetic profile.
3) Yet, when an online community of concerned parents are observing serious neurological issues following some vaccinations, then their collective observations can no longer be ignored.

What should a community do? As a responsible community, we must begin to ask:
What are the common factors when a cluster of people present with the same symptoms? Please, keep in mind that although logically a number of factors together cause a signal cascade presenting the said neurological symptoms, current scientific methodology allows for testing of only single factors at a time.

Our community should begin to demand large scale multi-factorial cause-effect studies. Trust me, we have the computer tools and the scientists capable of interpreting the results. For example, the New York Department of Health has collected data on some symptoms which have more than 80,000 students. Yet, they lack qualified or even unqualified personnel to simply add more columns with data points asking “Did you get a vaccine x,y or z when you had the common cold or strep throat infection?” They lack scientists to summarize the data collected and interpret it. They have a hiring freeze at a critical time when mass vaccinations are being enforced nationally and internationally.

What can you do? Are you a responsible adult who cares to ensure that we do not harm our children, adolescents and young adults? Then add your voice and begin to question. Just begin. The questions will form.


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3 responses to “Could the vaccine Gardasil cause neurological symptoms as an adverse reaction?

  1. Whether young girls are developing neurological disorders after Gardasil vaccination or not, the fact does remain that Merck Pharmaceuticals and the government are not being completely forthcoming.

    You have to ask yourself why there is such a huge push for boys to be vaccinated for instance.

    This is especially true considering that there is NO evidence that Gardasil is effective in boys in preventing Genital Warts and anal cancer.

    Merck’s study of HPV vaccine efficacy in males published in the New England Journal of Medicine states that Gardasil is 89% effective against genital warts and 75% effective against anal cancer.

    Given the fact that there are approximately 300 annual deaths from of anal/rectal cancer among men in the United States, one wonders how Merck was able to prove such a huge reduction in such a rare problem.

    As with the female group, external lesions substituted for actual cancer with no proof that lesions of that type actually lead to cancer at all.

    Yet, Merck’s statistics regarding their cancer substitute penile/perianal/perineal intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) listed in their appendix to the article show that in men who did not have HPV prior to vaccination, both the vaccinated group and the placebo group had the same number of these types of lesions, making the observed efficacy of Gardasil minus 98%!

    Lenzer J, Should Boys be Given the HPV Vaccine? The Science is Weaker than the Marketing, Discover Magazine, November 14, 2011.

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