Why would twelve LeRoy New York school girls suddenly develop Tourette syndrome – like symptoms?

Jim Dupont and Beth Miller both have daughters who have presented with the tic like symptoms and both do not have a clue why this is happening reports Berkeley Brean of WHEC.com. Tourette is a neurological condition with an uncontrollable tic feature.

Early January 2012, the parents of LeRoy New York students were updated by Dr Gregory Young of the New York State Health Department, the state office of Mental Health and the LeRoy school authority. The parents were informed that although the symptoms presented were real, no cause could be pinpointed. Stress is one factor being blamed.

What factor or a group of factors could trigger a signal cascade to cause a cluster of Tourette like syndromes in one school district?

The parents of the twelve girls who came down around the same time in 2011 with Tourette like symptoms are quite concerned. These were twelve normal girls earlier. Not today. Jim Dupont, a parent interviewed is very upset and not optimistic about his 17 year old daughter’s future. His daughter was ready to drive and now cannot. Beth Miller found that her healthy daughter woke up one morning with twitches.

If you can help these families or help prevent future clusters please let us know by commenting here. We want to hear from you and know that you care. Please read Berkeley Brean’s article which has more from one of the young girls herself. You may also call Jim Dupont or Beth Miller at the numbers below and let them know that you care:
Dupont and Miller are starting a support group for all the parents. They think if they work together they can get somewhere.

Here is the contact information:

Jim Dupont: (585) 746-2001
Beth Miller: (585) 356-7508

We’ve posted the unedited interview with the commissioner from the health department here at http://www.whec.com. We encourage people to watch it. It may not answer all of your questions but it might answer a few.


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47 responses to “Why would twelve LeRoy New York school girls suddenly develop Tourette syndrome – like symptoms?

  1. Wendy

    My daughter has been chronically ill since November of 2009, within a month of receiving her third Gardasil shot. It took me a year and a half to discover the link between her symptoms and the Gardasil shot. Thousands of other families are dealing with almost identical situations. I’m sharing this because we have found support via a Facebook group, Families Affected by Gardasil, and it has been a sanity saver to have others to get feedback from. I am truly sorry for the girls in Le Roy and their families. They should consider starting a Facebook group so others can join and provide information that might be helpful.

    • Thank you for sharing Wendy. I am terribly sorry to hear about your daughter being ill since 2009 as a result of Gardasil. I doubt if she would have ever been in contact with a person from whom she would have contracted the disease this vaccine is supposed to prevent. A miniscule few women and men observe habits that lead to the spread of cervical cancer. To save the lives of a few irresponsible women and men, we are risking the health and vigor of the large majority of our young women. I know that you can become a spokesperson for your daughter.

      I promise to dedicate my knowledge, scientific skills and time to hunting down the group of probable causes – it is not a single factor alone but a combination of factors present at the same time. I also promise to constantly be aware of the researchers involved in a cure. There must be a cure. We cannot lose our healthy young women. Your daughter, and all her generation who suffer because of our negligence about speaking up against authority, deserve that from our community.

  2. vialja

    Wow…in shock. When I saw this article on TV but I know the desperation of the parents because my daughter was diagnosed with chronic involuntary movements in 2010 after presenting the same Tourette’s like symptoms. She was prescribed harsh anti-psychotic -(Respridol, Tenex) medications that just made it seem she was completely out of it. I did research online and based on a timeline of events that included dental amalgalm fillings the month before she started presenting symptoms I opted for removing any fillings that contained mercury and started her an a supplement called Natural Calm/Peter Gillham brand. After 3 weeks from removing her fillings and drinking the supplement she had her last involuntary movement in her abdominal section. After that she has been fine I am in shock though to see the situation of a cluster of teens from the same school…I wish them the best of luck in figuring out what is happening as it is something very mysterious.

    • I am so relieved to hear that your daughter’s involuntary symptoms improved on removing mercury teeth fillings and beginning a natural supplement. The digestive system’s natural flora is being implicated in many complications seen today. Probiotics and other natural supplements such as yogurt with natural live flora are definitely helping. You may want to read my article on ‘hook worms curing multiple sclerosis’ on this site. The researcher in Argentina is curing a few MS patients!

    • Anonymous

      How old is your daughter and did she get the gardasil vaccination?

  3. JPKim

    Have the girls been involved, either actively or passively, seriously or as a joke, in any form of the occult? Ask them. These children are under demonic manipulation. Doctors/psychologist do not understand this and cannot help.

    **** Please find a copy of “The Bondage Breaker” by Neil T. Anderson. Go to the website http://www.ficm.org (Freedom in Christ Ministries). ****

    What these children are going through, what you are going through with them, is not physical or psychological, this is spiritual warfare. 1 Timothy 4:1: “The Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.”

    All of us, Christian and non Christians, battle with the enemy, Satan. He is the prince of this world and the deceiver. However, through believing in Jesus Christ, we can be forgiven of all sin in our lives, adopted as his children. It is only through the power and authority and proclaiming aloud the Truth of Jesus Christ, that these demons can be kicked to the curb and each of us set free. Freedom in Christ.

    I am praying for you and your children. Their freedom is in Christ.

  4. Chris

    I would be curious to know if the girls recieved any vaccinations or other perscribed medications just prior to symptoms. My co-worker’s daughter had a sudden onset of neurological issues immediatly after getting the live swine flu vaccine. She was 14years old at the time. It took a long time but a Mayo Clinic Physician finally confirmed that the onset was a result of the vaccination. Best of luck!

    • To my knowledge the only vaccine tested and ruled out was Gardasil. I will update if this is incorrect.

      I am so sorry to hear about your co-workers daughter’s reaction to the live swine flu vaccine. It is possible that she had a prior active infection when she went to get the live flu vaccine. She should have been denied the shot and asked to return when recovered. My heart goes out to this little girl. I do hope she is improving.

      • Rachel Weaver

        Why was Guardisel ruled out? I see this happening to young people all over the country. Often it is shortly after the G shot. Perhaps the parents of our country need to wake up and take charge since it seems like the drs cannot “find” any causes for increased problems. It seems to me that there are more young people having severe side effects from these previously untested shots than would deal with the real disease if left alone. Do we realize that Guardisel was not tested on people before using it since that would be unethical. Now we ARE testing it on our youth and I do not like what I see. Of course some youth walk away seemingly untouched by symptoms but we do not know what immune dysfunctions will be coming there way in the future when it is too late to make the connections.
        I am seriously concerned about the future earth of these oun people, Tourette’s or not.

      • momME

        Me, too, Rachael.

    • Anonymous

      only a few recieved the shot that isn’t the cause

  5. Mike Johnson

    Did the girls all have the HPV vaccine?

    • Most adolescent girls are being ‘required’ to take the gardasil vaccine by their pediatrician, unless the parents vehementally objected with knowledge based arguments. College dorms require girls to show that they have had the gardasil vaccine to get a dorm room!

  6. Anonymous

    There has to be a common denominator! Do not rely on the so called scientists answers, there are too many politics involved always!
    Something the girls were exposed to through either air, water, food, pesticide , fungicide, new cleaning agents. It has to be there so plain in sight to be overlooked! Activities, parties they attended together???
    Otherwise it is mindboggling.
    We are thinking of you and worrying about our children too.
    Anna B

    • The school ground as a common denominator was checked for the usual contaminants including carbon monoxide and ruled out. Again, the list is not available. As I learn more I shall update. The role of each contaminant was tested alone. Researchers have suggested that it is possible a combination of factors sets of this signal cascade. However, it is against ‘legal methodology’ to test for a combination of factors, preventing such research. Perhaps, an awareness by the public of this single factorial method may spur action. It is natural to test various combinations of possible factors before ruling any cause out. However, to my knowledge only single factors are being officially tested. Please, correct me if I am wrong.

  7. Patricia Deibel

    So sorry about what has happened. I am sure people have asked this before but did the girls involved have the vaccine for HPV or cervical cancer. There have been some reported side effects to this vaccine.

    • The vaccine Gardasil was ruled out. I don’t know what criteria was used to do so. I will update as I learn more.

      • Anonymous

        . HIPPA protects that info. How do you know GARDASIL was “ruled out.” … tell us how you KNOW THIS. And, you get a touch too excited when discussing anything but gardasil… Who are you?

      • Anonymous

        I have only found one place where it was stated Gardasil was ruled out (CNN.com), and, as you state, no criteria has been given…. this tends to be the case any time a vaccine reaction is reported. They may have just stated, it was ruled out. It is not known if the school participated in the “in-school” vaccine program, as many schools do…. many stories of nurses pretty much forcing these girls into receiving the vaccine have surfaced, I just came across a story of a mother who sent her daughter to school with the proper form to refuse the shot, and the nurse pushed the child so hard, the little girl caved in, and received the immunization. The child was then told, by the nurse, to NOT tell her mom.
        These girls could have been told this was for “safe sex” and therefore they have the right to have this shot and their parents do not have to be told about it….. it may not even have crossed these little girls minds (with everything else) to consider this vaccine.
        What needs to be answered is:
        #1: Does the school administer vaccines?
        # 2: Did these girls receive any vaccines, within the last month or two, at the school or doctors office.

        When these questions are answered, they will be able to consider what might be going on. There are HUNDREDS of girls all over the world with symptoms EXACTLY like these girls have…. as a result of the HPV vaccine. This is simply, the first time it has happened in this “cluster.”

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  9. my stomach is churning i can’t stop thinking about these girls .i have contacted chej.org. and i hope they are in contact with you.they assured me they are looking into it. the head of this org. is lois gibbs the love canal hero. i’m keeping in touch with this story .my thoughts are with you all.

  10. Alyssa davi

    You live in a rural community with a lot of farm land. In the fall what’s being sprayed? Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides? What was sprayed in close proximity to the school, athletic fields, or near these girl’s homes? Any new products (weed killers, fertilizers) applied to athletic fields at the school? Was there any aerial spraying for pests (flies) in your area in the fall? Those pesticides target the central nervous system…

    • Excellent question! Now, talking about environmental factors – authorities informed the LeHigh parent community that each suspected environmental factor had been ruled out and that the school itself was safe.

      However, it would be preferable if answers to your questions were publicly available for independent experts to come up with association study suggestions. Perhaps, you could call the LeHigh school, Ny and ask them to immediately provide this detailed information of pesticide/herbicide spraying around those critical months/weeks in a format easily accessed by all.

    • Sean Ramsey

      But I would ask, If it was related to pesticides then why only these girls and why only girls?

  11. Anonymous

    I am a Naturopath/ Energy Medicine healer. Several of my clients called me and expressed their concern that I should somehow contact these families. Like others in my field, we are concerned about making our information public for fear of retrobution. As mentioned above, I would like to know if these girls received any of the newer vaccines….more specifically the meningitis vaccine? The gardisil vaccine and hepatitis B vaccines are severely damaging, but I have worked with many young adults who took the meningitis vaccine and then became paranoid, severely depressed, and with tourettes-like symptoms. The illness was more severe and symptoms worsened with the intake of high sugar/carbohydrate foods. We were able to correct the illness by putting them on specific nutrients to support their organs and by keeping their diet as only well cooked meat and vegetables. Eliminating: pasta, rice, cereal, bread, all fruits and juices (except berries), potatoes, beans, corn, protein bars, cakes, cookies, pop and milk was a key factor! Basically anything that came in a box or was man made, had to be eliminated as well as high sugar foods.

    I will check back on this post if there are any questions. Please understand that there is never just one thing that causes an illness. It’s multiple problems that are already occurring and one final event is the last straw that breaks the camels back.

    Re-establishing the body’s chemical balance is the key to reversing the problem. Eliminating foods/drinks that break down the system will help rebuild it. Getting the right whole food nutrition to make the rest of the corrections is the next thing necessary to help the body heal itself.

    • Thank you, for helping with your knowledge. Do call the parents whose phone numbers are in this article. You may also be able to help by creatively coming up with a solution on how to reach more with your message. You cannot do it alone. Perhaps, you can find people with the skills you need to spread your message of good nutrition and general health. It is a sensible message, with a wide, receptive audience. You need to reach them.

      Do visit this site and offer your nutrition advice on our other topics, such as iron overload, and autism and more. Our readers will appreciate your knowledge.

      • Anonymous

        I AGREE, PLEASE call these parents…. we ALL know, the medical industry is not going to take the chance, with the whole country watching…. to discount their “safety” claims, and damage their profits. PLEASE CALL

  12. I watched the story on the today show and I believe I have the answer. The chorea form movements , disturbance in speech patterns likely represent a post streptococcal syndrome. The body has created autoantibodies which have attacked he basal ganglia of the brain. This has been described in children. I realize I am simply a plastic surgeon, but I still remember this from medical school. The symptoms can lessen to being back to normal as the body recovers on it’s own, it is also possible for this to be permanent. Historically St. Vitas suffered the same thing. He would start dancing without control at any time. I hope this is of some help. I have tried to contact today show, the high school, two parents phone numbers listed on this site, msnbc, the local news station that originally ran this story in LeRoy, however there seems to be a difficulty in getting emails to be read, phones to be answered. Strep throat is highly contagious and needs to be diagnosed and treated in a timely fashion. This is one of the results. I wish you good luck in these endeavors.

  13. Anonymous

    I spoke with the father of one of the affected girls last night. The 12 girls symptoms have developed at different times, and there appears to be other issues regarding the school grounds that have come to light. This leads me to think post streptococcal syndrome is less likely the culprit. Still worthy for parents to keep in mind when dealing with throat infections.

  14. bakup

    One other area to check on is the school cafeteria.
    Did the kitchen there make any recent bulk product changes?
    There are certain cooking oils which affect estrogen levels in humans
    with females being more sensitive.

  15. I just read that GMO foods (genetically modified) can cause nervous disorders. You might want to look into this. I mean it is widely known that GMO foods are toxic yet there is a deregulation of them so that the biotech and agribusinesses can stay wealthy. I would definitley find out if those girls have been eating genetically modified foods, which ones. The GM crop giants are soy, corn, alphalfa (used as animal feed), sugarbeet and rice.

    just google: GMO/nervouse tick

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  17. Mag

    I am so sorry for what’s happening. Have you considered that the problem may be spiritual? Any of the girls involved in anything out of the extraordinary?
    I have to recommend, see a real pastor from a real Bible Believing Church.

  18. momME

    Biochemical expert and Naturopathic Dr. Amy Yasko ( resume: http://www.dramyyasko.com/resume/) has done extensive research and successful clinical practice treating neurological disorders. She believes that they are multi-factorial and uses a multi-pronged approach based on an individual’s genetics along the methylation cycle.

    Methylation is so important. Certain steps in the methylation cycle help to silence virus, other help you utilize vitamin D, other help you utilize B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and much much more.

    The beauty of her approach is that you don’t waste time trying to find that one “magic bullet” or that one factor that is THE cause. Instead you find out what in your genetics makes you more susceptible, Then you follow a specific plan to bypass the genetic weaknesses with nutritional supplements such as vitamins and RNA’s ( diatary necleotides) designed to help bypass specific mutations, (she also reccomends GFCF diet).

    You test for microbes in the gut and for heavy metals, things like strep and H.pylori, etc. You treat for the microbes etc, and by bypassing the glitches in the methylation cycle, then the body is able to throw off heavy metals and virus on it’s own, thereby making the body stronger to be able to fight whatever else may come along. You also use nutrition/nutritional supplements and RNA’s to help the heal the myelin and other nerve damage.

    Methylation is not just for people with neurological problems, but applies to everyone. Methylation also plays a role being able to make glutathione and to fight cancer, among other things.

    Here is link to a video of her speaking at a conference. It is called “Methylation and Mutations.” http://www.dramyyasko.com/resources/webisodes/methylation-mutations/

    The program is designed to be done by the individual working with their own doctor. No more 5 year waiting lists to get an appointment with her. There is a forum where those experienced with the program help those who are less experienced.

    This program is helping me and thousands of others. I am following it to help improve my ME symptoms and it is helping me so far.

  19. could anticholinergic drugs be used to provide symptomatic relief?

  20. It is not psychological-based – that is being presented to cover up the real reason or reasons. It is pathogen-based, either through the local environment or through vaccination (primary suspect being Gardasil). The latter scenario, Gardasil, could have caused these symptoms in all these girls without all these girls having been vaccinated with Gardasil because the live viral constituents in the Gardasil can be transfered to other people just the same with any vaccines containing viral constituents. This occurs through contact with sweat or surfaces with sweat or by sneazing on others, facial contact with hands to the nose that is then making contact with other surfaces, including other people’s skin. Being that this is pathogen based and now in the body, the poisons must be removed. Micarox(Tm) removes hexavalent chromium (the substance Erin Brokovich’s movie was based on), and many other pathogens and chemicals. My prayers are with the families and young folks suffering from whatever it is that the local officials and medical establishements are covering up.

  21. Walter S. Kyle

    I am astounded that the confusion persists in this situation. In 2010 microbial detection arrays capable of quick, inexpensive screening for every known, sequenced virus, bacteria, fungus and pathogen – over two million at that time were available. Lawrence Livermore labs developed this microbial detection array (LLMDA) for diagnostic use and it is capable, according to the developer, of detecting vaccine reactions before they occur. NIH refuses, however, to utilize it when questions about vaccines are involved and the FDA blocks its use for diagnostic purposes. The genesis of the FDA position arose after a random test discovered 200,000 pig viruses (PCV-1 PCV-2) in GSK’s rotavirus vaccine and results published in Virology (March 2010). The main concern of the FDA advisory committee VRBPAC May 7, 2010 was that the test would lead to concerns about other vaccines…see discussion at the close of the meeting. At page 231-33 of the transcript available on line, Dr. Holly Franz`s comments support the capabilities to which I allude.

    • Awesome commentary, Kyle! The mainstream-media refuses to also report that I’ve had a multi-million $ reward in gold regarding Bionaid and Zeoheal (now using Micarox because it is 120,000 more effective than ZeoHeal) challenging vaccine proponents to prove vaccines are more safe and effective than these products. Total silence (read acquiescence too) from that insane, genocidal crowd. Your argument and my reward are the best activist “ammo” I’ve seen on this issue. Good job, Kyle, keep up the good work!

  22. Anonymous

    I have had tourettes or 12 years. sounds to me like they are smoking the same brand of generic cigerettes with generic drug reaction.

  23. They are smoking the same pack of generic cigarettes. I suffer from tourettes 13 years now.

  24. Students may have become ill from chemicals in an old dumpsite beneath LeRoy Junior/Senior High School.

  25. Anonymous

    Sorry 2 hear about these young ladies… I’m in a situation similar to the girls…. My daughter woke up Saturday morning with a twitch … I took her to the hospital and they seem to think it is just muscles spasm … But here it is Tuesday and these twitches are not going away… In very afraid… I don’t know where 2 start 2 get help!!!

  26. Delia

    And yes, it can cause hand gestures, kicking, twitching, anything they want. I know this because I am a victim. The sounds started on my birthday, and when I went the hospital was told I wanted attention for my birthday in not so many words. As If I am a two year old. It is still on me and I am in a nightmare.

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