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Why would twelve LeRoy New York school girls suddenly develop Tourette syndrome – like symptoms?

Jim Dupont and Beth Miller both have daughters who have presented with the tic like symptoms and both do not have a clue why this is happening reports Berkeley Brean of WHEC.com. Tourette is a neurological condition with an uncontrollable tic feature.

Early January 2012, the parents of LeRoy New York students were updated by Dr Gregory Young of the New York State Health Department, the state office of Mental Health and the LeRoy school authority. The parents were informed that although the symptoms presented were real, no cause could be pinpointed. Stress is one factor being blamed.

What factor or a group of factors could trigger a signal cascade to cause a cluster of Tourette like syndromes in one school district?

The parents of the twelve girls who came down around the same time in 2011 with Tourette like symptoms are quite concerned. These were twelve normal girls earlier. Not today. Jim Dupont, a parent interviewed is very upset and not optimistic about his 17 year old daughter’s future. His daughter was ready to drive and now cannot. Beth Miller found that her healthy daughter woke up one morning with twitches.

If you can help these families or help prevent future clusters please let us know by commenting here. We want to hear from you and know that you care. Please read Berkeley Brean’s article which has more from one of the young girls herself. You may also call Jim Dupont or Beth Miller at the numbers below and let them know that you care:
Dupont and Miller are starting a support group for all the parents. They think if they work together they can get somewhere.

Here is the contact information:

Jim Dupont: (585) 746-2001
Beth Miller: (585) 356-7508

We’ve posted the unedited interview with the commissioner from the health department here at http://www.whec.com. We encourage people to watch it. It may not answer all of your questions but it might answer a few.


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