Three Nutrients and Supplements to prevent and possibly treat Frostbite

In this winter of 2013, we are facing the snowiest, coldest time in recent years.  Faced with potential frostbite, how do we prevent damage to our face and toes?  We need to continue looking beautiful through these cold temperatures. If you have frostbite now, if possible, seek immediate medical advice. While waiting to see the doctor, you might want to apply fresh aloe gel, if available, or any aloe gel or lotion irrespective of price. It might be prudent to also use an antibiotic cream to prevent infection. Some, may get relief using either yogurt alone or in combination with cucumber.

Finland may have the answers.  They may have a reputation as a ‘no smiling’ nation but the Finnish do have great looking skin in spite of being one of the snowiest and coldest countries.  Also, most appear not to have lost all their fingers and toes to frost bite.  Well, apparently the answers lie in eating the foods to prevent frostbite. The Finnish military leaders are held responsible for preventing frostbite among their recruits. Frostbite varies among people. Those who have previously had frostbite are considered more susceptible. Chewing gum has helped Hannu Rintamaki prevent facial frostbite, probably by increasing circulation in masticatory muscles. Skin dryness is a personal perception with the notion that “It is not a real man who cannot tolerate cold”. Finish leaders suggest important behavioural changes like recommending hot food and drinks as external sources of heat.

Vitamin E, quercetin, and grape seed extract may help prevent frostbite says the University of Maryland Medical Center, when taken prior to frostbite.  So, consider eating right. Especially important for children because they appear to lose heat from their body faster than adults, says Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Among medicinal plants, aloe vera may have the ability to repair frostbite induced tissue or cell damage (Medicinal Plant Blogger, 2011).

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