Corn syrup linked to Pancreatic cancer

Recent scientific research shows that corn syrup intake is linked to Pancreatic cancer.

Corn syrup is a cheap substitute sweetener for sugar. Hence, money saving industries have replaced corn syrup where expensive sugar had been used previously. The consumer may be clueless because the drink or food tastes just as sweet or sometimes sweeter than before.

Humans have only one pancreas. If you lose it, you lose you lose your quality of life. Humans have two kidneys and two lungs and two eyes; so when you lose one you can continue with the other. You have only a single pancreas.

You may want to check your drink or food and see if corn syrup is listed in the ingredient list. Then pause and ask if you have to eat or drink this and raise your risk of pancreatic cancer. There are many food and drink options that are not cheaply substituting sugar with corn syrup. Choose that option. You may find it makes you feel healthier too.

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